Loreto 8/7-9

Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by daddy69, Aug 11, 2006.

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  1. daddy69

    Arrived in Loreto 8/6, started on the first domestic mexican beer as soon as my lucky finger pushed the button for the"green light", pass go straight to the airport bar. First night a thunder storm came to town and rained till 8am or so the next day. We got a late start on the fishing but we still fished. No live bait that day... so we got a squid inside the isla Coronado. Water a little choppy we headed north of the island. Found a buoy with a couple fish on it and a couple Pangas sitting on it. We moved on - (my rookie crew all got sick). Slow trolled the squid back toward the island and got three in the boat. Thanks to my guest for the chum... they were miserable so we headed back to the isla Coronado to get land legs 11am had lunch and called it a day. Wed. got a good 6am start and was destined to get my guest Rick hooked up... we got live bait and bailed. Went to the same area and a bit more north. Sun up and bam first hook for Rick the rookie 125# Marlin, I hooked up with Dorado while he was fighting his first hooked pelagic. Troll around a while longer... RR hooked up again 110# Sail, another Dodo for me troll back in I get a Marlin while 3 sails come check things out and Marlin jumping all around us. Not a bad trip not a big concentration of fish at the moment.
  2. ZZZZZ

    Your lucky finger pushed green LOL

    Stoked you got your bro on his first Marlin. Sounds like you had good action and got it done..

    Your avatar is one of Kelly's boats. I keep my tackle pack in the same spot too. :D
  3. daddy69

    You are right on the money. It is Kelly's. Great family to fish with.