Loreto 7/14-7/16

Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by bajario, Jul 19, 2005.

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  1. bajario

    Fishing sucked. Plain and Simple. Or my lack of skills might of helped. Entered the fishin' for the mission tourney thurs upon arrival. Fished friday for zilch. Went out of Puerto Escondido out past Carmen about 45-50 miles. Saw tons of marlin but passed them up lookingfor Dorado or Tuna. Got a little bumpy but not bad. Long day. Next morning captain says some boats were getting dorado near Punta Lobos so off we go. Half way there reports were not good on the dodo's so we looked for some roosters along the backside of Carmen near the old salt mines(Ithink theyre salt mine town thing). Nada. Finally hooked up to a nice Cabrilla and that was it. Shot over to Monserrat and threw Iron, Mackeral for nothing. Heard some of the boats got dods but alot were skunked. I think big fish was a est. 51lb tuna. All in all I would do it all over again and be happy. Love that place. No water temps as gauge wasnt working properly. Try to post pic of lonefish later.
  2. el Toro

    Don't feel bad. Loreto has sucked donkey balls all summer. There has been a few flurries but nothing consistent like it should be this time of year.