Loreto 4/2-4/6

Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by bajario, Apr 11, 2006.

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  1. bajario


    Sorry for the late report. Hard to actually figure out this fucking camera. No pics=liar. So arrived on sunday w/ wife and daughter and a buddy and his wife and daughter. Met Luis at Puerto Escondido @ 6:30 mon. morning and off we go. Made bait(mackeral) about 15 miles out and then continued on to Santa Catalana island where Luis said the fish were. Arrived around 8:30 and immediately my buddy Colby is hooked up w/ his first ever yellow,then Luis,then myself.Triple hookup going. Things slowed down a little after that. Finished w/6 or 7 landed. Headed back around 12:30 as we left the family carless in Nopolo.

    Days haul

    Day 2 took the family over to Coronado island for a couple hours on the beach. Kids had a great time as did the ladies.

    Day3 we had one last run at the same island w/ a catch of one each. All fish were caught on flylined mackeral. Alot of fish there w/ size.

    My personal best 38lber

    Colby w/ one

    Water was pretty flat mon-wed. Thurs was howlin which was fine as we were leaving. Luis said Dorado had also started to be seen. Hopefully can get back before my new boy arrives in July. Adios
  2. jbarto

    Looks like you had a great time! Great pics!
  3. remedy1

    Nice report....looks like a great trip.

    Santa Cruz
  4. Ali Admin

    Nice Jellowtails Amigo!
  5. Surfdoc


    Nice report!!! WTG!
  6. Mstonefish

    Awesome Tails.!:appl:............thanks for the report.
  7. Mots

    killer report, thanks. WTG on the jello's:D
  8. Wang949

    mmmmmmm..... HAMACHI!!!
  9. Reel_Brew

    Beautiful Forkies! Thanks for making me drool. :finger:
  10. phish_slaying

    Nice Yellow Man!
  11. GettinUglysSon

    hearing Santa Catalana brings back some GREAT memories for me. got my one and only wahoo there about 12 years ago. if you get back there during the summer pull a big green lure around the northeastern end of that island, you might be surprised by one yourself.

    congrats on the personal best, that's a NICE fish.
  12. horn toad

    Great report....Catalan is a fish magnet for sure.....definitely worth the run. If anyone ever gets chance to get out there, jump on the opportunity. Your Parker in the cove on the super whilte sand beach is a classic shot....it's what Baja is all about. Congrats on the Jureles:cheers:, those guys out at Catalan fight hard and will inhale foot long mackerel. How did Tripui look, I haven't heard much its condition since the fire last summer????


  13. barracuda Killer

    I hate you, nice report bro
  14. Gil Marlin

    The pangas are getting nicer all the time...
  15. Mr. Len

    Nice report and feesh....
  16. bajadog

    Beautiful pix!

    WICKED SICK tails.
  17. Pancheke

    muy bien !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:appl:
  18. reelfishy

    Sweet YT's! Nice Parker too. That shot of the beach is bitchin'! Gotta love Baja. I've never been to Loreto...have to put that on my to do list.

    Good job bradda. :beerbang:

  19. fully involved

    I checked it out last November. The place is looking pretty good. Everybody is rebuilding but no more palapas. All fire resistant construction now.
  20. Phantomjig

    Sweet,....Dude,.....Sweet,....Dude,.....Sweet,......nice yellowz...