Looking to fish PV Feb 21 of 22

Discussion in 'Mainland Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by InTheField, Feb 8, 2008.

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  1. InTheField

    Heading down to PV from February 16 to 24. Looking to book a trip most likely on Feb 21st but the 22nd could work also.

    What I am looking for:

    Fishing out of Punta Mita

    Full day of fishing with myself and 2 kids. Kids are hard core fishing machines, to be read "whining and bitching are not part of the program."

    Expecting most likely to be ponga fishing inshore, but would like a ride with the possibility of heading outside if it's game on.

    Capt. Josh if your out there, the thread you posted about the 27' super ponga sounded about perfect if it's available. It appeared to be in the price range I was looking in... is that fishing with Lora?

    I am open to other options. Or to hear back from other operations with openings.

    Any one else going down during the same time frame?

  2. Cory Admin

  3. capt josh

    Yes hit Cath up at info@primetimeadv.com she has Lora's calendar and can fill you in...Lora is out fishing as we speak, he's great with kids and as we all know he is a fishy fishy dude...
  4. Capt Manny Advertiser

    How are Tom..,
    Give me a call budy,I can take you and your kidss out no problem..

    310 755 8135
  5. InTheField

    Capt. Josh,

    Thanks for the reply, I sent an email to primetime. I am waiting on a response to a few questions that I sent in, basically availability.

  6. InTheField

    Capt. Manny,

    I appreciate the response. I checked your web site and Pacifico looks like a bitchen ride. I will give you a call. I did not see any cost information on the site. Can you please send me some prices, you might be out of my range. Send it in a pm if you don't want it on the public forums

  7. svue

    LORA is a great captain, then again so is Manny. bigger boat equal bigger comfort. Who know maybe manny will get jump off his boat to catch bait. wait a minute he did jump off his boat on our trip to check the prop.

    Whatever you choose, you are going to have a great time.
  8. Pc tumbleweed

    I fished with Manny last week and had one of the best experiences ever with a Capt. and crew in Mexico. They fished hard and got us into lots of tuna, 23 to be exact. Size range from around 20-50+ pounds. The boat is nice and the ride is great.
  9. Capt Manny Advertiser

    Great fishing with you amigo,
    Let's do it again..