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Discussion in 'Home Built Fishing Lures' started by justing, Oct 28, 2009.

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  1. justing

    I made a bunch of small resin heads that need the 4.5" & 5.5" skirts. I am looking for a yamashita color chart so I can order them online. I live in Alaska and fish Mexico a bit. The selection up here is rather limited. Our tackle shop said they can order what ever I want but with a huge minimum order and I have to get them the color number. I have been searching online and keep finding sites that dont have pictures just the numbers or the ones with pictures have a very limited amount to pick from. So if anyone has a link or any info that can help that would be great. Thanks in advance.

  2. tuna taxi

    I think this might help.

    Click on this link Yamashita Replacement Trolling Lure Skirts from Melton International Tackle In the Skirt Color category you have the option to choose colors 01-Y thought 16-Y. After choosing a color category click on the magnifying glass on the left and it will pop up a new window. Look for the box with the red border around it. It will not tell you the actual color name but will give you a general idea of what the skirt looks like.....hope this helps.
  3. justing

    Thanks for that. I actually found that one during my google searches. I was trying to find a bigger selection of colors. I found a huge selection last night and then forgot which site of the many I looked at that it was. The brand wasnt Yamashita but I did some investigating and it seems there are a few companies using these skirts by Lure Baits International. They sell them mostly in bulk in sizes ranging from 4.5" to 16" and are supposed to be supple like Yamashita. As soon as I figure out which site it was I'll post it. They were not cheap but had probably 150 to 200 colors.

  4. marlinmike

    justin stick with the yama's they are a better skirt please tell mac that big mike (formerly of accurate) say's hello if you have more question's pm me.
    big mike @melton's
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  6. Capt. G

    Here are some of the Yamashita colors in the 2009 catalog, along with the correct color numbers.

    Hope that helps.








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