looking for a safe, "non-local friendly" place to camp/fish

Discussion in 'Hawaiian Fishing Forum' started by EJ392, Feb 25, 2012.

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  1. EJ392

    my friend and i are going to be flying from washington out to oahu to visit a friend, but we would like to also do some camping and fishing. i am aware of needing a permit, but i am more worried about finding a non-local friendly place where we dont have to worry about getting harrassed by locals or mugged by bums, than i am finding a place to fish.

    maybe its just a misconception, but i hear camping on oahu can get downright sketchy if not dangerous, and ive heard that even some of the locals wont even camp out on the beaches (again maybe a misconception)

    we dont really have much cash, so, staying at a hotel the entire time is kind out of the question, and wont have a vehicle availble, so we will be stuck walking or riding a bus. we will be traveling light, and living out of a backpack for a week

    im going to be camping with 2 girls, so, i gotta look out in thier best interests... they want to just hitch hike and camp on whatever nice looking beach they can find, but........ i dont want end up as a statistic.... thats not the way we are going to do it.

    a safe place for 3 college kids to camp, fish, and have some fun, and enjoy hawaii on the cheap is all we are after.......

    Speaking of fishing, what would be some good gear to bring?

    ive got a 10 1/2 foot shimano convergence, and a garcia c6500 with almost 300 yards of 50lbs braid, which i think should be more than sufficient

    as far as tackle, im going to bring a few various top-water poppers, some rapala/yo-zuri mid water plugs, a few mid water lead casting jigs (pt wilson darts) and the standard assortment of hooks, weights, swivels and a few rubber grubs

    ive heard bait rigs work well too...

    what is there to catch? whats good to eat?

    thanks for the help

  2. abdiver7777

    After living there for just over a year I'll just say that it wouldn't be wise to camp on the beach. The "Aloha Spirit" is just to encourage tourists to drop the dollars.... they hate you and don't want you there.....

    Since Meth is so prevalent, nighttime anywhere on that island is sketchy especially for caucasions..... If your rental car breaks down anywhere it will be picked apart in less than 24 hours (even on main roads)

    As for fishing I would say "don't bother"...... there are almost no reef fish near shore since no license is required and the locals have decimated the fish populations. Charter fishing in HI is mostly just a long boat ride and if you are one of the lucky one out of every fifty charters to land a fish you don't get to keep it.... If you want your fish you have to pay the skipper market price for it......

    Keep your family in the tourist areas in the daytime..... If your friend has lived there for any amount of time I'm sure he will tell you the same thing....

    Sorry to be so negative but in my opinion HI is a foreign country being subsidized by the US tax payer. Like most other countries they hate us....
  3. Aggro

    Damn, I'm going in Oct. I guess I better look around other islands.
  4. LundieF


    Yup, exactly. Its like a third world country out there. Keep your family inside the barbed wire compound or they might get kidnapped for ransom money. If you do venture around the island where the angry foreigners live it is best to travel with an armed escort. Don't even think about snorkeling, underwater it looks like some kind of post-apocalyptic wasteland.

    To give you an idea what camping in this hellhole will be like watch the following.

    <iframe src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/8CwJHxEQ0WA" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" width="560"></iframe>
  5. Kauaihunter

    On Kauai we eat white folk.
  6. gpaul1961

    Crazy this. I come 7th gen native Hawaiian. Not been back since I was 20. What the hell happened that caused all the hu hu? Ewa beach used to be a place with lots of beefs. My Old Man would roll in his grave to see this shit.
  7. ConSeaMate

    Don't you watch Dog the Bounty Hunter?.....:rofl:......
  8. Kauaihunter

    No hu hu. Just people that dont live here making stupid comments? Lucky for us we are subsidized and dont have to work. Our boats and gas are free and all we do is rape the ocean, smoke meth and mug haoles.

    But this is a fishing forum so you have to expect lots of trolling around here.
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  9. abdiver7777

    You will definitely have a better "tourist" experience on the other islands......

    Oahu holds something like 80% of the total population of the Hawaiian Islands so for all intents and purposes it is overrun......

    Just stay in the tourist areas and you'll be fine.......
  10. Lou W

    From the sounds of HI MX is a safe paradise, which it is to me. I'll stick with MX. Particularly when I can keep the fish I catch there if I choose
  11. jagerhunchback

    hmmmmm and to think honolulu was just listed as the 3rd safest city in america. must be the tourism authority paying big bucks to lull travellers here. 10 years living on oahu and never been assaulted or mugged, abdiver must have some sketch kharma if things were that bad.

    We used to camp on dillingham beach and all along north shore.
  12. Kauaihunter

    Use common sense. Its no different than me going to the mainland and not being familiar with the area. When you get your camping permit, ask the clerk where he/she thinks is a nice place. Awareness is key. If you see a lot of homeless and drunks hanging around the area all day long drinking and doing drugs, they will still be there at night and trouble will never be far away.

    Hopefully you're not one of the ones that goes around asking us locals where he can score some weed. If you're that guy, I can see why you're so concerned.
  13. abdiver7777

    So am I really off base?

    What % of the local population genuinely like tourists and speak kindly about them in private? Please be honest?

    Is the coral (lava flow) fish population on that islands shoreline anything more than an occasional fish here or there or will the originator of this thread be thrilled at all the catching he will experience from any rocky shoreline he picks?

    I spent a lot of time snorkeling/scuba diving various areas at different times of the year and pretty much what I saw anywhere that there was any kind of public access except Hanama Bay (sp?) it was an underwater desert. No fishing license required means little if any enforcement so everyone takes what they can before someone else gets it.

    What would you say is the success ratio of landed fish per angler per charter boat? Please give me your thoughts on actual numbers? Isn't it true that if you want to keep the fish you caught you have to negotiate that with the charter?

    I know that what I am saying goes against the HI grain of talking shit publicly about anyone or anything but I believe it is the truth......

    If I am wrong please refute with actual data and not some politically correct "my Grandpa would roll over in his grave" BS......

    Please give me a thought out logical argument to why I am wrong..........
  14. ratboy

    Stay in Washington!

    You give "mainlanders" a bad name .........

    Common sense helps in life.
  15. themenehune

    HAHAHA too much! you forgot about how all of us people in hawaii live in huts and eat coconuts all day!

    if you come to hawaii and give respect and you will get it. we no need people like you in hawaii anyways, stay in the mainland no worries! :rofl:
  16. Kauaihunter

    First thing. The guy that wants to go camping and fishing isnt going on a charter.

    Secondly, if he goes small time shoreline fishing over the course of a few days and nights. He should catch something. Use squid for bait. Chances are it may not be a trophy fish but it will be fun. He is not familiar with the areas, let alone the different techniques so unless he gets lucky, he won't be landing State record fish.

    The same spot on any given day and especially at night can be totally different worlds. Fish move, the schools travel, some at night. They move in to feed and go back to deeper water in the day.

    I know guys that fish ulua (giant trevally) and catch big ones almost on a weekly basis when the time is right. Also know guys that have fished for years and don't get one.

    Why? The guys that catch consistently are methodical. Bait, moon phase, tide etc. They do their homework and put the odds in their favor. Some guys drive up to the beach and throw their pole out while their kids swim in knee deep water. Sometimes even they get lucky. Right place at the right time.

    Not everybody hates tourist. I have friends and family that their livelihoods depend on tourist. It is the only industry we have left here. We get discriminated against when we go to the mainland. White people think we're mexicans. That doesnt make me hate all white people.

    I work on the road, tourist stop and ask for directions all the time. I give them accurate direction and they are all grateful.

    There are still friendly Hawaiians that will help anyone. Unfortunately some people have bad experiences here but to think it only happens here is ludicrous.

    Oahu is still Hawaii and its better than LA and Las Vegas. My opinion and yes I've been there. Vegas couple weeks ago, on the strip its a zoo. But I still go back and have fun there. It's just different.
  17. da reel man

    hey ab boy you talk alot of shit about the hawaiian people from behind your screen dont you? first off we dont hate tourists we just hate dumbasses like you. my whole life i have never heard anyone talk hate about tourists. ive heard them called dumb for some reason or another but never shit like you claim. tourists come and go they are just part of our everyday life. i have even heard the same complaint from some of the military, most time their bad experience came from what they put into it. if you come here with a negative attitude then thats what you get in return. i hear 90% of people from cali are queer or a gang banger, are you a queer too? try being possitive and polite and see how far it gets you. dont you have anything better to do then sit behind your computer and cut down other peoples homes? get a fuckin life. people like you give haoles a bad rap. those of you that prefer cabo then go we aint gonna cry. ever wonder why we cater to japanese tourists? they are humble people who dont bitch and moan like some folks like you. just remember we are part of the u.s., spend your money else where im sure it will help the economy.
  18. abdiver7777

    No more huts or coconuts...... Macaroni salad, spam and rice and gov't subsidized housing.......

    As for housing, I bought a home in Mililani for over $500k (nice middle class) and I soon realized that the overwhelming majority of the neighborhood of "locals" lived in those 1800 sq ft homes in multi-generational arrangements with as many as 15 - 20 people living together. It was the only way they could afford a home since the prevailing wage for blue collar work is so low there. I'm sure most of them were collecting some type of local, state or gov't assistance. Despite many overt friendly gestures none of these neighbors were interested in even talking to me. There was never any bad blood and never any episodes of problems but they just shunned us. It's is just the way they feel about outsiders.

    I saw enough to be concerned about someone who is thinking about camping on a public beach with their daughters without at least making them somewhat aware that everything isn't like what the brochures would like you to believe.

    Don't worry about me darkening your islands...... I'll spend my money where it is truly appreciated........
  19. abdiver7777

    Hahaha...... You don't hate tourists...... that's funny tough guy.......

    You should change your Avatar to Pinocchio..... do you know who that is?
  20. Kauaihunter

    Look out, da Buggah running 7 lines, 600 pound test mainline, 24 inch lures, he hooking you and getting you in the boat as fast as he can.