Local Sandies--lures--what type?

Discussion in 'Southern California Inshore & Islands Fish Reports' started by mik911, Aug 3, 2008.

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  1. mik911

    What type of artificials are currently working for the LA Sandies? Plastics--what colors? Mega-Bait?
    Tips on techniques?

  2. whammy

    blams in green
  3. tunahelper

    what whammy said and also the red ones too. you might get lucky on the iron like i did on a purple and white tady c too. when they really go off it doesnt matter but the last couple of days it has been tough and your best bet would be either a dropper loop or a a heavy slider with an anchovy.
  4. tsurikichi

    Hi mik911,

    Guys are getting big 'uns on the blu'wht iron straight down !! As said ... green is good on the plastic. Plastic only- Rainbow-trout blam is usually a killer. Medium retrieve 'grind down-low' in the mud was best last time out.

    Anybody should be able to catch them using the PowerBait shads, YUMs and such and such stuff !!

    AT the flats .... not sure about the shoe.

  5. TurdRoller

    megabait in the 3 oz with a dropper loop above that with a chovie. or just a megabait. any 4-5 inch fishtraps, mc's, big hammers, in the standard blues/greens/browns with 1/2-3/4oz ledheads. drop em all to the bottom the megabait, just jig it up and down, if you find a spot of em, it might not even hit the bottom. cast the plastics out and let em sink to the bottom, then a slow retreive, dropping it in freespool every so often, kinda like a yo yo
  6. skansand

    hey mike!!! its matt from ksusa... remember i sold you the freeline quad? ...funny to see you on here..... try a black/red flake swimbait or black/bronze for calicos and big sandies... black worms are always lethal too... peace my kneelo brother..
  7. skansand

    oh ya ..and drag em slow...add some random twitches and hang on!!
  8. gerk

    Don't forget the old standard - lime green w/ flakes Scampi..... They still work and will catch as many fish as a Wham (Not to slam the Whams they're great too), but...
    Also the Kalin Magombo in Root Beer w/flake get em too....!
    Any of the plastics work, if presented properly...!
    Steve - aka The GERK'
  9. skansand

    or.... get a couple packs of cheep white kalins grubs and a pack of sharpies!!! ... whatevers patterns working on the boat just write em up...blue with green dots always seems to work for me...
  10. mik911

    Thanks for all the suggestions. You guys are dead on with lures/technique.
    I went out today on the Gail Force 3/4 day charter out of LA Harbor.

    Fished the Horseshoe area. 1st stop, 1st cast w/ MegaBait in 'chovy pattern=bendo on the drop. 2nd cast, ditto.
    Good steady pick on Sandies most of the morning. Also tried (and worked) were Kalin Mogumbo in green/sparkle. Of course the perfect sized, hardy anchovies and few small sardines worked well too.
    Before noon, we make a move. 1st two casts w/ MegaBait = 2 barries.

    I ended up with 15+Sandies (most relieased), and 4 barries.

    Thanks again for the tips.

    Hey SKANSAND---what's up? I sold that Freeline for like $60, and got a used Blast.
    You musta been gorging on the series of South swells over the past few wks in O.C. The surf's been small here in the SouthBay, so i've been longboarding more lately.
    Catch you later.

  11. skansand

    ya mike ,surfing the wedge alot ...super glassy barrels this morning... a few leapard sharks and Beans in the surf...going back this arvo for second helpings and maybe some hook ups...