Local Halibut - 5/20/11

Discussion in 'Southern California Inshore & Islands Fish Reports' started by duanediego, May 20, 2011.

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  1. duanediego

    Made a gentlemen's run outta MB with my good buddy Tony and hit a spot just up the beach that has been kicking out some nice flat fish for us and a couple of our buddies over the last few weeks.

    Fished the downside of the tide and got one good one to stick on the Unibutter'd up Pearl swimbait pinned on a 1.5oz War Bait head....


    Local halibut, it's whats for dinner.

    Go get em gang!
  2. dweston

    very nice!
  3. Maniniboy

    Nice flattie! How do you like that new 300ej?
  4. Ali Admin

    That doesn't suck.
  5. seasonsfishing

  6. duanediego

    i absolutely LOVE it. ive owned/used most of the "popular" low-pro SW baitcast reels and i have to say the 300EJ is by far my favorite. smooth, strong and fast!
  7. Jimmy T

    Nice Duane
  8. loreto1234

  9. sdfishkiller

    Nice Flattie! Gettin my shot on Sunday. Hopin we are done with the weather and can kick this thing off!


  10. Cheney

    nice flattie duane

  12. USMCfish

    Beautiful fish bro, well done I will be out there monday give it a shot ;)
  13. Phat Matt

    Nice Uni BUTT!
  14. Red Tuna

    Nice halibut...

    I have the same reel and love it too...its my go-to speck and redfish reel down here on the gulf coast.
  15. geno machino

    Sweet fish...especially on the plastic.

    WTG! Duane

  16. hdz805

    Nice Hali. Like your combo. Want to get a 300ej too on a phenix inshore assassin for some surf fishing..
  17. tonys

  18. spike

    Nice Butt Cheech!
  19. 26grumpy

    Plasti-butt !!

    Too cool Duane, must have been a great fight !
  20. fishnbob

    Damn Duane,you do fish more than me! Nice 'but dude!