Lobster Hoopnetting in Long Beach

Discussion in 'Southern California Inshore & Islands Fish Reports' started by Dave Hansen, Oct 28, 2009.

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    The Liquid Coast Highway ran a lobster charter last night for six passengers.

    Left Long Beach at 5:30 p.m. Wind was blowing about 30 knots. Thank God we don't have to leave the harbor. Set our nets by 6:00 p.m. First pull was at 6:30. Got 1 spider crab, 2 rock crabs, 1 lobster and 2 starfish. Moved the hoops to a different area and re-set them. Nine blanks and one with a 4 pounder. Decided to try another spot. When we arrived, there were divers in the water so we head to another area. Arrived at the spot, set the hoops and let them soak while we all had dinner. All the hotdogs you could eat and all the beer you could drink while watching the Laker game (nice ring ceramony).

    After dinner, it was back to pulling hoops. Got 3 or 4 shorts the next time around so we re-set right back in the same area. The next pull was when we got him...a 10 pounder, weighed on a IGFA scale.

    Ended the night with 3 legals and lots of laughs. A good time had by all. Thanks Mark and friends for fun night.
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  2. Phat Matt


    Nice work..looks like fun! Would you quit it with the pics of your GF....jeeese..JK

  3. marlyn

    nice avatar,anyone we know?
  4. baitmyhook

    Nice one CPT. DAVE!!!!! Bet everyone wishes they could catch one of them..... OH YEAH!.... and the lobsters are pretty cool too... By the way. This has got to be a new record for you!!!! 3 replies and no one has MOTHER EFFED you yet... Your losin your touch. Anyway see at the docks tonight at 5 or 5:30 sooner if I get of work. You know CPT. DAVE.... not all of us can make a livin fishin, most of us have to keep these jobs.
  5. Spiltbeerpirate

    That bug could bite your face off man!
  6. HBfisherman

    Nice tails! It was crazy windy last night, I can only imagine how it felt to be in the water, looked pretty mean out there.
  7. Trayscool

    damn captain dave look at that avatar!
  8. ahowler

    Hey Dave on a charter like that are you still limited to 10 nets? Did your sister get to get up and speak after we left last Weds? Wish we could have stayed longer. By the way I will not post up those pictures I dug out of Kellys purse while you were out of the room!
  9. doug dorsey

    Thats one helluva bug Dave! So I understand we are having a BBQ, bugs and Swordfish, not bad!
  10. Blackfish

    Thats a nice bug-atar,........ I mean bug.

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