Lobster Fishing was Good Last Night in Long Beach

Discussion in 'Southern California Inshore & Islands Fish Reports' started by Tvdan, Oct 18, 2011.

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  1. Tvdan

  2. dkd711

    Thanks for reporting! planning a trip this week or next.
  3. osidefishin

    Way to put em on the bugs Dan
  4. poorguy

    WTG Dan
  5. Good stuff. Yep, got to try some local spots soon.
  6. furniture 4 me

    nice catch, its been slow out.
  7. Tvdan

    thanks guys, so far this season it's been pretty good lobster fishing in the Long Beach area. The bugs seems to be everywhere, on both sides of the wall and everywhere in between. I have another charter tomorrow night, I'll post a report.
  8. 247

    Thanks for the motivation Dan...looks like you have the bugs dialed in.
  9. Tvdan

    everytime i think that I think like that I end up having a slow night, I'm glad that most nights have been very good for me this season, i'll let you how I do tomorrow night.
  10. mark stevens

    I wish i could be of interest of your report, but a few years back when i ran into you at a show and told my son I grew up watching your show every Saturday you had a bad attitude so we lost total interest in you good luck bud.
  11. The Kid

    Sweet sounds like a decent season so far. Good pulls and early in the night, can't beat it!
  12. dawg418

    Nice job. Thanks for the report.
  13. Tvdan

    no problem and I do understand, I'm usually good at consumer shows, but sometimes life just happens, I've been at shows on days when I shouldn't have been there. I had a good friend die and I couldn't go to his service because everyone else I knew was at his service, I've had family member die days before a show and I was still in my booth, over 22 years lots of things happen, I know you all want me to be the guy you see on TV 24/7 but really i'm just human. Consumer shows are not a good place to judge a person, if you really want to know me come out on one of of my fishing charters or come help out to one of my youth foundation events and help out. There we can spend some one on one time, at consumer shows there are so many people there, some days we are in our booths for 12 hours it's hard to spend any time with just one person. I don't mean to sound like I'm making an excuse, but I think I know which show you're talking about and yes I shouldn't have been there. I should have been with my family. Sorry about that.
  14. Madrods_USA

    Great job, Dan, but I need to correct you on one minor thing... it's called, "Lobster Picking" not "Lobster Fishing." You drop the nets down, the roaches climb in and you "pick" them out... great job though. My buddies Doug and Doug were at Catalina when you shot the lobster video a couple years back... if you could some how get me any footage of you and my buds, that would be great. I guess they got limits while you were filming. Take care.
  15. Cheney

    my lobster card to date:


    chalk up another 0 for tonight too lol
  16. gonzo25

    Wow... I have pics of mine too.... last years and this years... but you can't read them as easily as yours. That's nice, clear and easy to read. Dam I have to use my computer and print out the pages in my phone book or I could never read the names and numbers in it.
    Looking at yours I can clearly see that I am not getting out nearly enough.

    The location is obscured but the rest isn't... this is what happens when you should have used your left hand to write with, but had to use your right hand instead. And this is only numbers, letters are worse. When you print everything so you can read it, and you still can't read it... I guess I should have been a Doctor.

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  17. Tvdan

    my lobster card looked the same as yours the first year that I started hooping for lobsters, I've gotten a lot better at it since then. Good Luck
  18. BurningHeart

    I've never been out hooping but it looks like fun. I got a lobster card but I've yet to fill it out......

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  19. Cheney

    thanks. fortunately these arent from the boat. Only the opener was from the boat. I live 4 miles from DPH so I've been trying the little 'pier' by baby beach for a couple hours each night with my son. There's gotta be something over there lol.

    Now if I was spending money each of these nights, it would be a different story.
  20. Tvdan

    Try Newport Pier, I know they get them there.