LNL tuber day WED edition

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fishing Reports' started by NESSIE HUNTER, Nov 17, 2005.

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    I guess I have been elected to make the report for Wed at LNL tuber day.

    Left Hesperia at 4 AM and arrived 100 miles later at 5:20 (after a coffee/piss stop) to find a bunch of transvestites hanging in the parking lot next to the entrance to LNL...

    Susie and I had a great time meeting and greeting the guys, she was the ONLY female to attend.. She brought home made jelly for those that indulge and a sack full of santa and elf hats for those MAN enough to wear them.

    The lake opened and in we went,, looked like a land rush, every one was in such a hurry to get on the water.. I got to meet a lot of people that I feel like ive known for a very long time, but never seen in person. Great meeting you all finaly...

    Hit the water and it looked like an invasion of tubers, it was a beautiful sight. Thought I might cry.....LMAO.. We "OWNED" that lake .......

    The fish were happy to be caught by people wearing funny santa hats and every one appeared to be hooking some great fighting fish. I was so busy going from tuber to tuber chatting and talking smack that I missed a lot of great slams...........

    Greeper was for sure the hot stick with several double hook ups and landing most of them, what a guy.. Pickle dick was right there also with many called hook ups, "hey Frank watch this",,,,ha ha ha... Butt ring..................

    I caught my share (more like a ration compared to some) a couple nice hook jaws, one had to have been 3#+ and luckily hit my bass rod with 10# line,, he was a scrapper and was just smoking the drag..

    It was a lot of fun and Doug as usual made it twice as much fun, Hey bud, thanks for the burrito also (not that kind,) hot off the manifold of his truck... Dam good.......

    Did a little bassin down by dam after the bite slowed at 10 AM and got a couple of bass also, seemed to be quite a few trout down there also, Susie landed about 10 there and a couple bass, some dinks but fun....

    The crowd had thinned a lot by noon and we were out by 3ish and gone by 3:30 ish.. You know We hit the friggin rush traffic...... Susie wanted to pick up a few things at the Korean asian market,, some were off the 60 just west of the 57??????????? Had my first Asian pear (not pair, LOL) and man what a treat........... Home by 7:30..............A few picks.. HEY , how come they came out as thumbs?????????????? and how do I fix it????????

    11-16-05 001.jpg 11-16-05 002.jpg 11-16-05 007.jpg 11-16-05 003.jpg 11-16-05 004.jpg 11-16-05 005.jpg 11-16-05 010.jpg 11-16-05 012.jpg 11-16-05 014.jpg 11-16-05 017.jpg 11-16-05 018.jpg 11-16-05 020.jpg 11-16-05 021.jpg 11-16-05 016.jpg
  2. fishwithsyd

    Great report!

    Nice hat PickleDick!:puff: :puff:
  3. Pickleboy

    thanx dude it was great day on the pond and all i can say is you should have been there today it was wide
    doing the same things and in the same area as wednesday but today the water had dropped 5 degrees and the fish had another 24 hours to acclimate which resulted in the same amount of fish but in half the time and some big "LLOYDS "


  4. FishGuru

    Man I havent seen homo Frank since I got booted off the other board.... Looks like you guys had a great time, wish I was there with the gang. Great report Frankie hope to see you guys soon at the Irvine event!

    Classic Doug, just classic on the hat :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: Can you imagine the look our his face seeing that your picture and that hat is on his website:rofl:

  5. bassnut