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  1. eddier68

    Fellow BD member Vito planned /organized the 1st annual "LLEVAME A PESCAR" ( Take me fishing )kids day at Playas de Tijuana. The event today went great! We had about 40 kids show up ready to fish. After rigging/ baiting rods the kids were off and fishing. Many smiles and laughs were had by kids and parents who watched as there kids caught small surf perch. BD memeber Pancheke( when not fishing) worked the grill while other friends helped cast , untangle lines and cheer on all the kids. Another BD'r Tuna 306 also tried his luck in the surf when not helping out the kids.

    The food especially Vito's ceviche was the best but most of all the company was second to none. Congratulations to Vito and everyone who helped put on this great event. Can't wait for next year!!! Definate good fishing karma coming your way Vito!!! If your wondering the drive down and back was very easy and uneventful.

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  2. BuonaForTuna

    Good job Eddie looks like a good turn out and its always nice to see the kids getting down and dirty.
  3. get some BD Writer

    Good job on taking those kids out!
    The kids in and around TJ live pretty tough lives, soit's good to see them having a fun day fishing.
    Hope you avoided the swine flu...
  4. eddier68

    Thanks guys!!!!!

    No swine flu! lol
  5. fishheads

    I was there this morning !!! great time, thanks guys .......tostilocos anyone?
    tanks vito!!
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  6. Gil Marlin

    Good for you guys...
  7. VITO

    Thanks Guys just doing what we can?
  8. Ali Admin

    Nice work guys!
  9. Jason Admin

    Pancho is getting fat! Good job guys. Those kids looked stoked.
  10. alex3012red

    great, job would like to help next year! Let me know if you have another event!
  11. Pancheke

    The good life brutha !!! awsome event, glad to have been a part of it, showed up @ 7 a.m this morning and to my surprise I see BD sticker on a truck, good to meet BD members and as well members from the spanish board, we need a se habla Espanol forum guys !! thanks Vito for starting this event , looking forward to tne next event.
  12. TUNA 306

    Definitely next year !!

    Great time on the beach fishing with the Kids .

    Just trying to make a change with fellow BD's , even coming back across Border was easy this time :D
  13. Pancheke

    Here are some pics I took

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  14. Pancheke

    mas pics, and thanks to the ladys who had the time to paint with the kids, all paintings done on recycled card board

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  15. Pancheke

    Hot stick of the day

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  16. VITO

    Nice pics PANCHO thanks.
    I am Glad to now you had fun, I am ready for next years event !!
  17. eddier68

    Nice!!! Thanks Pancheke!

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  18. eddier68

    Yeah, that little kid was on fire! Future BD'r !!!!
  19. BornFisher

    That`s awesome! WTG guys. Thanks for doing that and the report! And an "Hola" to Martin!!
  20. eljurel


    Sorry I missed it, was planning to go, but to much work makes me a dull boy, absent minded boy......