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  1. nickpz

    AUG 23. Got to LJ around 7:00am. Seen some birds workin and decided to slow troll some deenz. Right off the bat me and my buddy were getting hit. First some short bites by some smaller slime sticks followed by some decent size bones. Keept slow trollin and picked up the first YT at about 8am. Ended up with 5 Yt at around 4pm. The Yt's were all in the 8-10lb range.
  2. fishmanbh

    nice. how were the dogs today?
  3. nickpz

    not too bad. they had plenty of boats to choose from.
  4. onebizo

    p is that you?
  5. pwfisher

    fish were not biting artificial at all. One barry, one bonita that was it for us. Good job to you!!!! Wonder why the bite was so dead?
  6. pwfisher

    we fished the am, it looked like the pm bite picked up a little.
  7. nickpz

    No bait in the water what so ever. We didnt have luck with the iron or artificals this time either. The bait from MB was nice. All our fish were slow trolls.
  8. nickpz