LJ the 15th

Discussion in 'Southern California Inshore & Islands Fish Reports' started by Kurt, Dec 15, 2005.

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  1. Kurt

    Went for Goats, found em, killed em (not as in dead but in a lot :D)and came home. Sumptin 'fishy' goin on up there I noticed this morning. I'll be back for sure :D

    Ended up with 20 Goats, some Bass (in the fryin pan now), Whitefish and rockies and one midget yellow.

    all went back except 4 bass.

    Speakin of midgets, wait till you see the mini lizard and dab we got :D

    Boat ran strong and looks like a solid 2 mpg. I'm happy.

  2. Fresh One

    Is there a limit on Goats? Surely there is.

    Also, if you got that many, you were targeting them. What were you using for bait. Shrimp or live crawdads?

    Nice work on the goats.
  3. Null&Void

    damn you're UGLY!!! LOL

    why don't you tell me when you have school dayz off for fishin?????fumore :nutkick:
  4. Kurt

    :D Sorry Vicente! :D We'll hook up man.
    Oh for the record I think we kept 4 fish. We were shallow enough they shot right back down even with that airbag out the mouth :D

    head on shrimp from the 99 store. Coulda sat there all day on em.
  5. SALTYDAWG Advertiser

    Good job on the goats Kurt
  6. BLOCK

    how small was this midget yellow..?

    edit- my bad.. but u know what I mean ;)
  7. Kurt

    Wasn't rockfishing, the bastards were eating the shrimp too. Yellow was about 5 lbs. Good thing was we were so shallow they all lived to steal bait another day.

    I prefer to eat Cali's. Those damn sheephead taste like lobster.
  8. BLOCK

    nice :D haven't seen any yellows under 20 there since summer...
  9. sealskinner

    Nice lookin goat Kurt.
  10. Surfdoc

    Which ones the Goat ???

    Nice report...

    shitty conditions in the background....
  11. madscientist

    Nothing to see, move along. :cool:

    Nice goats. I've never caught any in LJ but would like to. They are very tasty.
  12. Kurt

    wink wink ---- nudge nudge,, say nomo :D
  13. Stucky

    Did you gaff that BSB in the head?
  14. BLOCK

    who me..? I lipped the motherfucker ;)
  15. bassnet

  16. remington

    The sheepy's were really snapping yesterday for a lot of yakers too.

    Epic fishing with the shrimp in the deep kelp.:eyepoppin
  17. Kurt

    So that's what that gaggle of tupperwarers were doin of the lifeguard tower :D
  18. remington


    The sheepshead craze is really catching on!:jo: