LJ 6/29 gettin fishy!

Discussion in 'Southern California Inshore & Islands Fish Reports' started by nmbrinkman, Jun 29, 2006.

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  1. nmbrinkman

    Hit LJ after work this morning...made bait fairly easy.....slight breeze from the north...water was warmer than yesterday, whew....trolled a mackerel west towards some birds workin outside the corner.....clicker went off and waited for the circle to grab and nothin......as I re-baited, I caught a drift towards the corner heading into the kelp......bait balls were everywhere on my fishfinder and were surfacing all around me.....dropped my macs beneath me, could feel as they wanted to run with the school beneath me and I would thumb the spool to let it dance (trying to single it out of the school).....and wham, let it take it and got it.....pulled up a juvie wsb.....as soon as I could re-bait and drop I had another hookup...another juvie wsb....then after 2 hook slips and 2 dropped macs, I hooked up into a pig calico that went 6.1lbs on my digi scale.....sorry guys, no pics....I ruined my cybershot once with water damage and my wife won't let me outta the house with the replacement:104167739 ......I did see one yella's tail on the surface as I was trying to make bait......couldn't get the iron out quick enough....It's gettin fishy out there guys.
  2. Mr. Fish

    What was the water clarity like?
  3. nmbrinkman

    clear.....conditions were perfect!.....I didn't see or hear of any YT or legal WSB caught though...I know that when I was checkin things out beneath me, I could see bait fish all around me swimmin.....must of been able to see about 10'-12' beneath me, but don't quote me....I just fish.
  4. eagle eye

    Thanks for the inspiring report! Keep yakking:)