LIVE from the Bahamas!

Discussion in 'Fishing Chit Chat' started by babes&beer, Aug 4, 2007.

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  1. babes&beer

    short version - Headed from ft. lauderdale to Cat Cay island. Went through a small tropical storm for 10mins Winds were up to 60mph and the rain felt like nails. Cat Cay stayed over night had a great dinner of Conch Soup and Salad. Next day did some exploring on the island had some coconut and played some golf. Pulled out around one to head to Atlantis. On the way you have to go over reefs to get to each island on that run the depth finder was pulling a 8.1ft and the deepest it got was 10.5. Got to atlantis did the toursit thing. Next day went and did some fishing FINALLY but only got a few YFT. To be honest not that impressed with the fishing here or the way they do it. from atlantis we left and are now currenty at Harbor Island which is my favorite so far. on the way in you need at pilot boat do get you through the reef. depth at one point 2.8 from the bottom of the boat!!! I was freckin out.

    More to come


    _MG_1353.JPG _MG_1376.JPG _MG_1382.JPG _MG_1392.JPG _MG_1396.JPG _MG_1446.JPG _MG_1452.JPG _MG_1472.JPG _MG_1474.JPG _MG_1486.JPG _MG_1529.JPG _MG_1523.JPG _MG_1558.JPG _MG_1565.JPG _MG_1614.JPG IMG_1438.JPG IMG_1443.JPG IMG_1583.JPG IMG_1590.JPG IMG_1597.JPG IMG_1617.JPG IMG_1637.JPG
  2. ConSeaMate

  3. fishnbuddy

    Sounds like your having a blast!! Awesome pics.
  4. hung380

    Congrats on your new ride. Are you guys cruising that over to cali?
  5. babes&beer

    Ya it is on it's way to La Paz at the end of the week. I almost do not want too just because it is so amazing over here.
  6. socalangler22

    Nice yellowfin and lobsta! looks like the place to be!!!
  7. slief

    Nice report and very nice boat! I love the built in high dive!

    One of my good friends moved to Florida a couple years ago and took a boat trip to the Cay and another island for some diving and fine dining.. It was on his friends boat and they hired a local to be the captain so they could drink and not worry. On the way back, the guy that was driving the boat hit a reef at full speed. My friend and the boat owners son were launched from the boat and pinned underneath it against the reef. Somehow, they all managed to survive.. I guess the reefs there are infested with sharks and with the blood in the water, that made them even luckier. The boat owners son sustained compound fractures. My budddy was brused and cut up and has a new fond appreciation for life as he thought he was going to die that day. The guy driving the boat hit the wheel so hard that he broke ribs.. The boat... It was a total. They managed to get the sinking ship back to the island but I think it is still there as the hull was obviously pretty shredded. Oh yea, this happened at night.

    Of course, this is not nearly as scary as hearing the story from the horses mouth.. It gave me chills hearing it. He is now back here in so. cal and we fish regularly together and I still quiver hearing the story.
  8. doradohead

    wish i was there..... enjoy
  9. Saluki

    Awesome report George!

    Please keep them coming.
  10. @-EZ

    X 2....:D
  11. Blackfish

  12. The Notorious S.U.A

  13. Rob E

    Awesome pictures-the boat looks SWEET!

    I've been to Harbor Island.......a long-ass time ago, but it was very laid back. I thought Atlantis sucked, too. Besides, I got ripped there off trying to buy some:Smoke_Emoticon:

    Keep the pictures coming.

  14. Scott Diego

    That is a SICK boat... Nice purchase...


    Gotta love that water temp reading of 88.07. :_hot_:
  16. peto

    Could you elaborate on that?
  17. Supa711

    yft on the spinning reel? neato.
  18. babes&beer

    YA! I thought the guy was jk when who brought spinners. I told him on the Westcoast you would get laughed at. Out here they are a big deal.....
  19. captaindorado

    Great Report, who was the pilot that took you from Spanish Wells to Harbor Island, maybe Woody! I have spent alot of time in SP and the reef that is out in front of Pierres Island drops off to China. There is every kind of fish that swims there if you get a chance to hang out there again.
  20. osideloco

    Sounds like the trip of a lifetime, congrats on the new boat.