Live bait presentation on heavy tackle

Discussion in 'San Diego Long Range Fishing' started by branman, Jan 26, 2009.

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  1. branman

  2. yft1979

    Good read brandon, one note though is that bruce mentions to stay away from the bright green sardines. The ones that are light in color and almost neon. I have had my best luck fishing those baits. They are usually my go toos if I see one swimming around? So who knows, I think I will just stick to what works for me!
  3. OFN

    Thanks for the link. Great article.
  4. maxlikestofish

    awesome article, i cant wait to put that knowledge to use
  5. fatbass

    Sick article Brandon, loved all the visual references. Chad
  6. Steve K

    That was news to me, too. But as I went 0 for three days flylining at the Hurricane Bank on the November trip, I think I'll give it a try. I'll be back at the Bank on the June Heat trip. Gearing up and retooling for that one is a process.

  7. branman

    I used to pick the "blondes" and did ok with them, then one day at the bank I was fishing the "blondes" and as I grabbed what I thought was a good bait Jesus on the tank says "trying one of the blondies huh?" going with the flow I just repyied "trying to mix it up" I hadn't been bit all day so the next bait I grab a nice dark one fresh from the slammer and bam I'm on. From that point on I try to make a note of the size bait and the look of it everytime, even try to make a note of the bait characteristics of the hot angler and try to match that.

    There is nothing wrong with using what works for you but when things are slow maybe its time to mix it up a bit.
  8. BakerStBobby2

    Bruce knows his stuff...
  9. Steve K

    Yep. Fishin', it's what he does. Great communicator, too.
  10. eightmd

    If he wrote I book, I'd buy it. He ought to do that.
  11. bubbas3170

    This is the best thing i have ever heard or seen on Bait Presentation.
  12. Fishious

    Talking about bait presentation, on my last trip I heard that some were attaching a small bait hook to the larger circle hooks and using the bait hook on the sardine so it wouldn't be damaged, sort of like bridleing I guess. I didn't get a look at one of the set-ups, and I've read references to it in some of the reports. I assume that the bait hook is attached to the shank of the circle hook, maybe with floss and a nail knot.

    Anyone familiar with this setup and how it's done? Was wondering if the bait hook could contribute to bad hook sets of the circle hook.
  13. puroagave

    an angler on my last HB trip was using the quickrig bridle system (pic attached) it uses a thin wire attached to the hook and pinned through the lower half near the anal fin of a 'dine. i saw him use it a few times - cant say it worked or not.

    what did work was to straight tie 130# with a miller knot - no chaffing springs, crimps or any extra jewelry.

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  14. bgil

    what trip were you on?
  15. puroagave

    yours :High_Five

    check your pm
  16. harddrive has them. They call them the Clipperton Trap Rig.


    My buddy made a few by welding small size 4 hooks with a ring onto a 8/0 hook. Didn't really help as the bite was real slow anyways.
  17. hucklongfin

    Great article. Shoulder hooking is just through the body forward the dorsal fine and above the spine?
  18. branman

    Yes right behind the head, go to deep and you kill the bait instantly.
  19. Sactotuna

    Absolutely excellent article, like so many on the site.
    Thanks Brandon!
  20. The Saltiest

    sweet read. thx for the insight.