Lion attack In Laguna and Cited

Discussion in 'Hunting' started by yotekiller, Jan 26, 2012.

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  1. yotekiller

    On Saturday the 26th of November I went archery deer hunting in the Laguna Mountains.

    The following occurred:
    Ø Approximately 0615 arrived at my ground blind.
    Ø At approximately 0700 while slowly scanning terrain I saw the mountain lion sneaking through some small trees heading in my direction with his eyes fixated on my location with his ears slightly pinned back.
    Ø At this time I was thinking that maybe the lion didn’t see me so I stood up in plain sight drew my bow and yelled “Hey” at the top of my lungs! My adrenaline was flowing and I know that you should make yourself as large as possible as well as yell at the lion.
    Ø The lion froze up but then preceded a couple more steps towards me still maintaining eye contact. The lion was now approximately 20 feet from my location.
    Ø At this point I shot the lion with my compound bow and it dropped and then struggled down the hill toward my direction.
    Ø The arrow struck the lion just in front of his left front leg in the chest area. The arrow didn’t exit the animal and was broke off inside the chest cavity.
    Ø By the time the lion stopped struggling he was about 5 feet from my blind on the left hand side.
    Ø The lion looked like it was suffering so I took a second shot but the arrow was deflected by a dead branch and hit the lions paw and then a small tree.
    Ø I then left this location to go get my hunting partner and see how to contact the Fish and Game Department.
    Ø My hunting partner was able to contact a friend to have the Fish and Game officers call my partners phone since mine had poor reception in the area.
    Ø I told the Agent what happened and gave him my GPS location.
    Ø When the agents arrived they took my statement and decided pretty much from the start that I was lying. It was more of an interrogation that an interview.
    Ø At one point they had decided to call it self defense and took the animal.
    Ø As we were hiking out of the mountains the game warden called my friend and said they needed to see us at our vehicles.
    Ø When we arrived at our vehicles, they asked me who tried to cut off one of the claws?
    Ø I stated no one and that it was from the second shot that I took but missed. It had hit the paw when it was deflected.
    Ø At this point they became enragedsaying that I had lied about the second shot and then decided to write me up for the illegal take as well as “Obstruct / delay of peace officer”.
    Ø At the time I didn’t think it mattered about the second shot that missed. It wasnt the arrow that killed him anyway.
    Ø They had me drive 45 minutes back to Alpine (friends house) before citing me.
    Ø They then seized my bow and arrows.
    Ø My hunting license and tag were not taken.
    Ø They decided that they would change their mind from “self defense to illegal take and position of a mountain lion”as well as removal of illegal game. They took the animal not me.
    Ø They wrote the citation stating that the lion was quartering to my just passing by and that I hunted the lion on purpose. I explained that if I had been I wouldnt have called them!

    I am a sportsman and not a poacher and I follow the rules and laws to a tee at all times just to avoid all these problems. If I didn’t think that I could have been attacked or killed I would have let the animal pass with no incident. I truly felt like this was a self defense issue!

    I have never had a violation from Fish and Game or any other law enforcement agency and I consider myself a law abiding citizen.

    I can tell you that in the future I will not trust Fish and Game enough to even report a poacher because they may try and say I was in with them!:Dynamite:

    I did my days in court and the best the DA would do is reduce it to an infraction with a $500.00 fine. They would have dismissed it but they said the Fish and Game Commision had been leaning on them hard to prosecute all fish and game cases!

    before I got a lawyer the DA wanted to give me a criminal misdemeanor and 3 years probation, $500.00 fine and to relinquish my bow.

    It was all about money and deals! this is the first and hopefully the last time I have to go to court!
    y best advice is to never trust them! They would cite their own mother if they had a chance! I've heard a lot of stories about them and now fully beleive them.

    Now I have to find out where they are stroring my bow so I can get it back. I'm thinking that I'll probably get a letter from Fish and Game trying to take away hunting for a couple years besides. Not sure what happens now. Case was closed as far as the courts are concerned but I'm sure F&G will want to screw with me some more!:Dynamite:

    Hopefully this is understandable since i'm writing in a pissed off mood.

    Be careful out there everyone because they will screw you wether you think you are doing right or not!

    Note: they also ramsacked my backpack, my friends backpack, looked at my camera pics as well as our personal cell phones. I think they were looking for pictures etc. I guess they don't have to follow the 4th amendment? I know the NRA was checking into that issue.

    Anyone that knows me will tell you that I am quite anal when it comes to following game laws. :-)
  2. Deno

    Thanks for posting this mess Bruce... I can vouch for Bruce I've known him a long time… He is a straight arrow type of guy BIG TIME…. This truly sucks and I too have NO respect for DFG anymore…. He did the right thing by reporting the kill AND killing that Lion…. I'm not sure if I would report a poacher now, as I would fear them somehow linking me to the incident!!!
  3. One Track


    Good job documenting everything for us.

    I'd be more than pissed off.
  4. Aggro

    No sss for me, it's slf.... as in leave fast. Too many cats now.
  5. jagerhunchback

    shitty situation, sad to say i would have whacked it and buried it and called no one. had a lion roaming around the backyard when i first moved here to missouri, luckily he and i had a discussion one night and e decided to leave the area. most folks here in missouri don't want to admit that there are lions here.
  6. proyotehunter

  7. middleofnowhere

  8. gpaul1961

    I am so fucking sick and tired of these animals taking precedence over human beings. So they figured that you would shoot the thing, with a broadhead, which is risky to begin with, then call yourself in as a poacher? Disgraceful. They do us all a dishonor.
  9. proyotehunter

    gpaul1961 I totally agree with you +100
  10. Tues

    Another reason I like Arizona hunting laws...
  11. ?? fisherman

    The key word is "Could have". It also could have went the other way.

    The quote above is kinda funny actually. Would you really want to wave your arms when any animal that can kill you is just 20 feet away? I surely wouldn't, and I too would have had my weapon aimed and ready incase the animal advances more.

    Sucks to read this...... sorry you had to go through all of that crap!

    The unknown fisherman:p:
  12. gatorfan

    That just sucks! Sorry to hear it.
  13. la vida

    Glad you got it before it got you.
    Thanks for tell us what happen.
    No surprise in you story unfortunately.
  14. proyotehunter

    I definitely would have kept my sights on him at all times. It is hard to say since I was not there what could have been done. Sorry for your situation Bruce.
  15. Deno

    DUDE REALLY!!!!!!! Who is this know it all anyway!?!?!
  16. proyotehunter

    I am the Professionalcoyotehunter. Yes, really!
  17. Deno

    Then act like one!!!!

    Age: 29 that explains a lot!! If you truly are a Veteran, thanks for your service….. If you truly consider yourself a "professional coyote hunter" you sure as hell do NOT sound like one…. You Sir have truly made an ass of yourself on here lately…. Bruce had every right to defend himself from that lion (and yes he did tried to scare the lion away)… If you had any idea what my friend and his family have gone through that last few months you would stand down on your know it all shit talking attitude…..

  18. proyotehunter

    It sounds like Bruce tried to do the right thing. Did you call the lion to you since you were hunting? The lion might have thought there was a dying rabbit waiting for him. I have called in bears to a few feet while predator calling in Pine Mountain and at that point it gets pretty scary. Black bears are much more timid than mountain lions and back down pretty quick once they realize they are in danger. Mountain Lions usually stand their ground so I think you did the right think to prevent yourself from being mauled.
  19. gpaul1961

    We have a great asset here in Eldo Baldildo County with the Federal Trapper for our county. It is a shooting county with a "Worrying Livestock" Shoot Clause. We also have a decent American as the Sheriff. John "Fed Trapper" essentially runs around all day, 5 days a week with a bait dog, an unmarked truck, in pretty much Carharts, and shoots the shit out of big cats, coyote's and bears. Most are shot with a silenced rifle. Most are shot in peoples yards and most of the time nobody knows that jack shit has happened. The big cats are everywhere. They are thick beyond belief. Not a week goes by that a big cat is not shot. Sometimes many more. Generally what causes the complaint is missing pets. The MO is typical. We had one at the school at the end of my street three years ago. The Trapper had it dead and in the truck in 24 hours.
  20. Aggro

    He said he was Deer hunting. That would have been line #1.