Line type for Albacore?

Discussion in 'Fishing Chit Chat' started by @-EZ, Jul 23, 2007.

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  1. @-EZ

    I have done a search on this without any success w/regard to live bait.

    What is the preferred line for fishing Albacore with live bait?

    Background: In my local pub there are a lot of fisherman, small % BD'ers, this topic comes up more than any other topic...The majority suggest mono whereas I say Izor ...

    Any suggestions/opinions would be appreciated...
  2. FishStalker

    I use 25# almost exclusively unless they are chewing the paint off the boat and I want to jackpole them with 40#.
  3. Jig Strike

    That's a dangerous thing to say... :rofl:

    As far as line goes, almost nobody chooses a line that consistently fails to perform and everyone has a favorite, so don't expect a consensus. [​IMG]

    FWIW - I use plain old smoke colored Ande.

    AMEN! Good Old Ande Country Blue or Gun metal Grey 25# never Failed me'
  5. @-EZ

    Stupid question I know but looking for line type...We all run about the same sizes dependant on target fish...

    I am talking Albacore specifically and what line type for throwing live bait.

    I was throwing 25 lb. Cajon red on a couple boils on Saturday and could not get one to go...
  6. stp

    That shit is bullshit, Dan is a sell out pumping that crap. I use flourocarbon all of the time, I always catch fish, and often times I am one of the few getting bait bites.....but I have had just as much success with clear mono maybe I am throwing my money away on the flourocarbon.

    My $.02

    Patyboat = as heavy as they will hit. So as to not lose the JP to some JO buzzing you off.

    Private boat = whatever you like which coincides w/ the captain's preference. You don't want to be the guy wrestling with a small fish for half an hour because you grabbed your 12lb outfit. Especially if your the reason the boat can't chase the school or get back on the paddy. That said, I remember a time where every albacore fisherman would have 12lb rig with a size 4 (not 4/0) hook, because sometimes that was all that could get bit.
  8. MikeyLikesIt

    25# blue P-line. 20# blue P-line. 15# blue P-line. in that order. Of course, when I throw the 15#, thats when the BFT will bite.......:imdumb:

    I guess I like blue P-line :rolleyes: (Yeah, a 55# BFT on 20# blue P-line sold me.......)
  9. sandiegofisherm

    get rid of the dan hernandez special line bro , go with what everybody goes with , we use ande mono 20,25 30# line in pink for live bait ,but you will have others tell you p-line ,izorline, maxima its all personal preference and what you feel good with , and alot of times when you dont get bit its most likely not the line its bait to big to small or not hungry or just skidish, but i would axe the cajun line
  10. FishStalker


    After losing a 100+ lb bigeye on 25# ande clear, I'm putting pline on most of my reels :D

    Seriously though, if you buy bulk spools and do it yourself, it's not that expensive to replace your line yourself and save a bunch of $$$. Think about it: spending $600 or more on a 2 day trip and you are going to fuss about paying $5 to fill with Ande or $10 to fill with pline?
  11. MacAttack

    Me too - it's the shit.:imdumb:
  12. DOGHOUSE26

    I start with green Maxima 20# then go up to 25# if they still bite it, sometimes with a 3' fluorocarbon leader if necessary. Then 30# pink Ande(pink only because I know it's 30#) then 40 or 50 (blue or clear Ande or Max). I don't have the patience to go down to 12, rarely 15# green max. Stay away from Big Game unless you change it DAILY! Just my 2 cents
  13. Jan from Humbol

    I've had good luck with Izorline, Ande and Big Game and I don't mess with the Fluro stuff anymore just tie the line straight to the hook. The pound test is driven by the size of the bait and how skitish the fish are.

    If they will bite 80 use it.
  14. Jason Admin

    I like
    Maxima perflexion clear 40lb it's thin and very abrasion resistant lasts 1/2 a season $$$
    Pline blue 30lb it's stretchy, flexable and snaps way over 30lbs Doesn't last long though $$$
    Ande 30lb cheap, flexable, easy to cast $
    Big Game 25-30lb cheap, flexable, easy to cast $

    Basicly whatever I have the $ for at the time. They all work. Just stay away from the funky colors IE red, yellow, floresent green, floresent blue otherwise you look like a herm.
  15. Dos Locos

    Big Game
  16. Fishing Addict

    25 or 30lb blue smoke P-Line.
  17. @-EZ

    I would like to thank all for responding...I now have a better understanding in order to discuss this topic in the future...Now the fun part: I'm going to try all of the above 1 @ a time...Again. Thanx...
  18. hanapah

    For me if Im on a party boat its 30 lbs Ande clear. I fish mainly on private boats so it's ande clear from 30 down to 12. the reason for Ande clear is that it will test for any club records or buttons. Bill
  19. medunn16

    Whats the difference between mono and Izorline?

    XXX is my choice................
  20. @-EZ

    As I understand it, the difference between the standard mono and izorline is the materials they are made of and the diameter of the line...
    Most straight mono's can be up to 1/3 larger in diameter than the Izorline.

    If your talking about the XXX super-Coplymer, that is what I use as well.

    Izorline has a very informative website you can check out...

    Izorline Fishing Products

    I'm not a salesman..Just a fisherman who wants the best bang for the buck. :imdumb: