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Discussion in 'Southern California Offshore Fishing Reports' started by cast n blast, Oct 3, 2004.

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  1. cast n blast

    fished with mots and spanish mack,
    started outside the upper finger,31.56-117.11
    found a huge paddie and picked at a few yft and all the small yt and micro dorado we could stand! real hard to get to the yft with all the midgets around! trolled all the way to 4 miles south of the 425 with a desert in between! then got a jig stop that went real good on bait to finish our limits.
    water was bumpy but fishable, fished with a great crew! no fish farming! :)
  2. Mots

    Thanks skip for a killer day on the water, your way cool dude, and i'm stoked to have met and fished with you.

    Also, something that just about ruined my day. Alittle bit North of pukey and a mile or two out. Someone had dumped a shit load of desiel in the water .

    This was not just a little over flow from someone. This was a shit load, enough to turn the water green for a very large area. And the slick had spread out very far in every direction.

    And, was headed right for the islands. This was enough fuel to definitly have an effect on the marine life, and thier ecosystems.

    This was a very disturbing sight to see, and I can not believe that someone would do that to are play ground.
  3. cast n blast

    our lines and 5 marlin jigs that got fucked up by that shit aint nothing compared to the damage thats going to do to the marine life at the islands!
    wish I knew who dumped that shit! :FU: :FU: :FU: :FU: :FU: :FU: :FU: !
  4. c-goat

    I noticed the smell of diesel at 5 am headed west just as I got north of north island.there was a big mex. warship a mile or so north of north ilse.I thought it was the smell of its exhaust fumes.on the way back to port I could actually see the slick.HUGE!!!mex. warship???? do they have warships?? any how it was in mex. waters,and the slick had to be from said ship,for the amount of fuel in the water was probably in the hundreds of gallons, possibly thousands. SUCKS!! major bummout!
  5. cast n blast

    c-goat we felt it had to be something of the same size of vessel and quantity of fuel!
    no private or commercial boat could afford or probobley even carry that much diesel! in one area the water was a weird green and 50 ft away was a weird blue colour! almost looked as if it was coming up from the bottom! I dont want to post blame on this board of one navy or another but it makes you wonder what the hell is going on!
  6. SandShark

    :ranton: The impact on our fisheries and the ocean in general from this kind of shit is insane.
    If it was enough diesel to make that kind of slick, then that's an absolute fuckload of fuel. Not sure about jurisdiction in Mex. waters, but is there someone you can/should bitch to when this shit happens? :rantoff:
  7. Mots

    I don't know, but if anyone can come up with some info, that would be great.

    I'm still way bummed at the site of it.

    I'm sure the islands are going to pay big for this abuse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. SandShark

    I found this:

    To Report an Oil Spill:
    National Response Center:
    California Office of Emergency Services:
    Oil Spill Hotline:
    California Dept. of Fish & Game,
    Office of Spill Prevention and Response

    It's diesel not oil but same difference.
    Even though it's in Mexican waters, they should know what to do or who to contact. Also probably good that they know, just in principle.

    Here's the link:
  9. Chesapeakechuck

    I left SI friday night at 3:30Am and was running past the south nine just shortly afterwards....I could smell the diesel then----creeped me out cause I was wondering if there was a big ship somewhere close that I could not see....It was pretty bright out an I figured that it must be a spill. I saw the lights of a smaller ship that I thought was a warship sitting about three miles north of Pukey......The smell cleared up once dropped over the edge of the nine, but it sure was strong and covered over a nautical mile of water, even that early.
  10. kepdawg

    1 gallon of diesel fuel can spread to the size of a football field.
    I know because I spilled over 300 gallons of JP-5 in the bay.
    So I studied up on it.
    Thank goodness for the curtian and quick response from the clean up crew.
    Not a drop made it past the barrier LOL....
  11. SpanishMack

    Hey Skip,
    Thanks for the ride. I just had some seared yellowfin. Holy smokes was it good. You're boat is the shit. That Diesel spill sucks for all of us I hope those dirty fuckers clean it up.
  12. Double Z

    Diesel is better than gas. At least it is not going to burst into flames from a match or other ignition source. It'll sit there and ride the tide into Mex and maybe kill a seal or two. I doubt it will kill any gamefish, since they don't need to come up for air. If it was our Navy, I'm sure it was an accident. If it was a private or party boat, I'm sure it was an accident. Hell, if it was anyone, with the price of diesel, I'M SURE IT WAS AN ACCIDENT!

    I hope you have a good night. Rant Off.

    Your mileage may vary but if it does, I really don't care.