Light tackle trip on the SLAMMER on 4-24-09

Discussion in 'Washington State' started by Mo, Apr 8, 2009.

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  1. Mo

    I have booked a light tackle trip on th SLAMMER for Friday April 24th,2009. So far we have seven people reserved in our group. Myself, Quixotic and the rest are my family and friends. When I talked to her today there was only 8 spots taken this leaves 12 open spots.

    So do any of you want to make this a BD trip, if so call DEEPSEA Charters at 1-800-562-0151. Or reserve online

    We will be fishing Friday April 24th,2009. Check in is @ 6am at Deepsea in Westport Wa.

    My cousin who will be on that trip, fishes with Rhett every year, and says these light tackle trips are a blast.

    We will be fishing for Lingcod and Seabass with what I was told is ultra light trout tackle.

    "Yep, I'm the guy that chases Sea Bass with trout rods!" - Rhett

    Slammer Charters

    Lets load the boat with some BDrs and party
  2. elkruser

    Wish I could, it sure sounds like fun. I just started a new gig and it prolly wouldnt be wise to ask for days off yet.

    Have fun and you know we will need pics!
  3. Cornfed

    Hope you get a nice day or take your "act right" pills.

  4. Quixotic

    Surf fishing from a boat. I predict flat calm seas and lots of fish.

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  5. Mo

    Man up boys, got 10 in our party so far.
    If you afraid of the ocean in April don't sign up. One of my best buddys is a puker,but he is goin and fishes the whole time. Mind over matter boys.
  6. Cornfed

    HA HA HA....Mind over matter until your stomach is your mouth. Fuck you MO. You puked last year on one of your first trips out as a deckhand. OR did you forget? Well its ok if you did, I am here to remind you.

    I never got sick until last summer on one trip leaving westport at 1AM or so. We all screwed ourselves. Three square greasy meals the day before. Chicken fried steak for breakfast, nasty westport mexican for lunch, nice half pound greasy burger for dinner. 2 hours of sleep. Red bull before we pushed off. overcast night (couldn't see shit, no lights, no moon, no clouds, fucking NOTHING). You could see the electronics and that was it. We were riding the 5'-7' trough all night out. And to top it all off, there was north easterly blowing the diesel right back into the cockpit. TT went first...put a knee in my chest (I was laying on the deck sleeping) and prayed to the porcelain gods. Fuck...I had to take over and I already knew where this was going to end. Lasted about 45 minutes, and then I blew ass in my bibs. That brew crawled up my body and into my noise. I called the dinosaurs, but none came. Dry heavin', tasting leftover refried puked up beans, busted blood vessels in my eyes... My nephew and Arvin followed suit like true champs.

    Yea, mind over matter....until you're fucked. The important part is that you PUKE AND RALLY.

    I would rather have it rough as shit with a good stiff wind THEN slow, lazy, and hot. You guys will be okay. JUST MAN UP AND DO WORK! NO EXCUSES! LOVE EVERY MINUTE. IT'S A TEST! Not too many people can handle the ocean. Be proud of that.

    Good luck on your trip.
  7. Mo

    hell yeah I puked, then got over it. Only the 3rd time in my life I ever puked. Lots of people get sick. My dad had a deck hand who used to puke his guts out on the way out everytime...(altho I think it may have been from realizing he couldn't have any beer for a few days) LOL

    I am just sayin yeah it may be rough, but thats the gamble you take. The killer every time for me has been no sleep and worried about getting sick so I took a Dramine. I think thats why I got sick. Orange Gatorade, Snickers don't look so good coming up.
    More sleep and no Dramine for me
  8. goatram

    Scopace! Q turned me on to it it works wonders. A little pill gentlemen. The wonders of modern chemistry in a bottle.
  9. Mo

    37 years of goin out and only sick 3 times, I feel lucky.
    I have never had the "I am dying!" seasickness thank god ! Nuthn like watching a grown man cry and beg for you to call the CG.
  10. goatram

    What will the CG do for him. Tell Him to Cowgirl up and Shut his whinnnnneeeee ass pie hole and fish:nutkick:
  11. Bigger Fish

    Ya know, Corn, after all the puffin' o' your chest, I'm a little suprised this is all it took for you to blow chow...
  12. Green Wasabi

    OH man. TT was tellin' me about that epic ride out, CF. Sounds like the exorcist movie.

    I'm a puker. Although, I haven't done it since I got my own ride now.

    A few years ago we took a tuna charter out of Ilwaco. Leaving the dock at 2:30 was not good. Can't see shit. I was tired with no sleep. Soon as we cross the bar...I was green and pukin' at the back of the boat. I was green the whole way out. Finally started fishin' everybody comes out of the cabin, I go in and take a nap. I woke up about an hour later, nobody has caught anything...i shuffle over the corner and soon as I get there the rod goes off. I get the first tuna in...shuffled back to the cabin and took another nap. It was classic. LOL
  13. goatram

    GW Good Story! Pukers Anomous barf meetings are being held over on IFiSH:frehya2:.
  14. Elkfins

    Leave the dramamine at home guys. Ginger pills are the secret ingredient.

    I've never puked in the seas and hopefully never will. My wife used to be... she'd puke in puget sound in 2 foot wind chop.. Once she discovered ginger pills she can take a 6' swell in the dark after a greasy breakfast with no problems.
  15. Reel Nauti




  16. Spokaloo

    Saw the Slammer last year fishing B10. Seemed to be on the fish when we were there (we were trolling the closure line, picked up 5 fish in the course of 2 hrs) and he was in the same general area keeping the guests working their asses off with fish. It was a massacre.

    Puked for only the 2nd time on a boat in Isla Mujeres this Feb. Usually a puke and rally kinda guy, but working in the trough of an 8ft swell while backing down on sails was too much for me. Went 5 for 5. Boated/released 5 fish, puked 5 times. One was particularly stunning because it was the purest bile stream Ive ever seen (10 years in emergency medicine).

  17. Mo

    Ten of us booked so far.
    Some Bdrs in the group. Me, Harold and Shay
  18. dragonballs

    ginger may work, scopace is great also. me personally no problem. plenty of crown caffeine and nicotine seams to keep everything down.
  19. Mo

    I don't take anything. I like to eat breakfast and a good nites sleep, but thats not always possible
  20. Cornfed

    Tell me another lie. What boat is that in the bottom pic?