Light Tackle record hunting with the SX

Discussion in 'Avet Reels Support' started by BiteMeFiji, Jul 20, 2008.

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  1. BiteMeFiji

    We have recently been doing some ultra-light tackle world record hunting on 8lb line class spooled on Avet SXs and encountered a problem with drag levers which caused us to bust off a number of sailfish.
    We tease up sails and the anglers drop back circle hook rigged skip-baits with the reel in free-spool and the angler thumbing the spool to prevent an over-run. When the billfish eats the bait, we let them turn and swim off, then the angler eases up the drag and the circle hook does its thing. The problem is that the SX has no strike button and in the heat of the moment, its easy to accidentally push the lever past the strike position. We mark the reel casing with lines to indicate various pre-set drag settings but the drag increases significantly with even a little movement of the drag lever. Given that at this stage we are charging backwards after a tail-walking sail in a hail of flying spray, staring intently at the reel and nudging the drag lever 1mm up is a bit tricky.
    It seems that if you set the strike drag at 2lbs and then push the drag lever even half way to sunset, you are suddenly up at 6/7lbs of drag and its bye-bye sailfish on 8lb line.
    These little SXs would be the perfect ultra-light record hunting reel if we could just get round the steep drag curve.
    Anybody know of a way to tweak the reel so that you can get say, 2lbs at strike and say, 5lbs at sunset ?

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  2. BiggestT

    Adrian, I've captained my wife to 4 world records, 3 current. She has the current 8 lb line class thresher record at 95 lbs and the current 6 lb thresher record at 46 lbs. Avet offered me free reels to pursue records on. I tested them out and as you've found they would be the perfect size, but you can't get the appropriate drag setting for ultra light fishing. The lightest setting you can get is like 2 lbs and that won't work on 4 lb. You need 1 lb or 1.25 lb to fish 4 lb. Also, the drag cam is too steep and as you noted, no strike button. These reels were designed for spectra fishing, not IGFA line class fishing for world records.

    Your best reel currently in production for your needs would be the Shimano TLD 15. I'd fill it half full with backing such as 50 lb mono and then put tape over that and tie your line class line over that. If you can find a good used TLD 10 or TLD 5, those are excellent reels for this purpose. Anyone of those reels can be set for 1 lb at strike, even less. They are also graphite and thus lightweight which is good for long fights.
  3. 1:11

    Have you considered trying to get two pounds at full, then when you strike the fish just go all the way to full ?

    or maybe that reel just wont work for your application. Best of luck with those records.
  4. Troy

    Dude, that's cool!
  5. Jetblack

    @BiteMeFiji ... replace part #6 (Pusher Bushing) with an adequate number of belleville washers [4 in ()() alignment] and you will have a softer drag curve.
  6. BiteMeFiji

    Hi guys, many thanks for all the great advice. I'll have a look at the pusher bushing but failing that I'll go back to the good old TLDs with a backing packed spool. Pity they don't still make the TLD5. (Nice thresher on the 8lb Steve !)
    Jason - Interesting idea to set sunset at max drag wanted but I think we will end up with free-spool at way past strike position. I'll try it though !
    The reason we tried the avets it that we fought a YFT for 4 hours and 5 minutes last year on a TLD5 and just as we had the fish within 50 yards...the spool imploded. Blew the ratchet clean out of the boat. Graphite spool just couldn't cope with all that compressed line. Hence looking for a small but stronger reel. There just doesn't seem to be the perfect ultra-light lever drag reel out there.
  7. mitchman

    You can even just try changing your washer configuration. Change it from ()()() to ((())) or (()()) and you might be able to get lighter settings. Or even remove 1 or 2 washers and see what happens. I would do that before buying new reels....
  8. BiggestT

    Adrian, all of my TLDs have aluminum spools. Graphite frames, but aluminum spools. With my suggestion of backing under the class line, you wouldn't face the problem of compacted line. I'm usually putting on 400 yards of the class line. From my point of view, if you get much more than 150 yards of line in the water, that fish is lost as the water pressure will break the line. Also, pretty tough to really compact such light line on 2 lbs of drag.

    I understand your search for a stronger reel. As someone suggested, they've come out with a small Tyrnos, but I suspect the drag cam is designed for spectra. Maybe check out the pricey Torsa which has interchangeable drag cams including one designed for ultra light tackle. I have the Torsa 30 and these are very sweet reels. Anway, good luck with your efforts.
  9. mozza

    there has been a number of world records going down here recently with a 100kg striped marlin caught on 1kg mono.......
    they are using the small tyrnos reels for all of their light tackle stuff so may be worth a look

    I use a duel speedy12 for 6kg yellowtail fishing as well as a torium 14 for 4kg light tackle stuff. maybe worth a look
  10. coryellk

    A lever drag, any lever drag mind you, has about 90 to 120 degrees of lever travel to go from free spool to full. Most any star drag reel has at least 720 degrees of travel from no drag to full.

    If incremental increases in drag are the norm for that style of fishing, why would you mess with lever drags?
  11. BiggestT

    Because with a star drag you can never know precisely where your drag is set if you move it while fighting a fish. Your 720 degrees of travel on a star drag becomes a vast area of unknown drag settings.
  12. coryellk

    Copy all. It still looks like you knowing what your drag setting is doesn't mean crap to the fish that's breaking you off. I own both kinds of reels and respect them all. If I'm playing the light line game while steering between "getting spooled" and "getting broken off", I'll stick with a well maintained lever drag and lots of practice with the spring scale. Thanks for the reply.
  13. Keta

    Play with the Bellville washer arangement and give Cal's a call and see if they can regrind some drag cams for you.
  14. 1:11

    in regards to belleville washer configuration, i would think something like ((() would give you a less aggressive ramp up. If Alan is watching maybe he can confirm or not. Of course theory and reality can often be very different.
  15. BiggestT

    I think changing the belleville washer configuration only gets you tighter or looser tension across the range of the drag cam. The problem here with this reel is the steep drag cam itself coupled with the lack of a strike drag position stop.

    I had a similar issue with the original Accurate Boss 270 which I bought for light tackle record use. Though I could get a light enough setting and there was a strike position indicator, there was no drag adjustment between free and strike. The drag cam was so steep, it simply launched into gear at the strike drag setting. It was like they were trying to emulate the shift mechanism of a star drag reel. I spoke with the owners of Accurate about this, commenting that they had really designed a high end lever drag reel for party boat use and that was very limiting from a marketing standpoint as the rest of the world fishes from private boats or charter boats. Still, at the time they were selling everything they could make pretty much locally. Fast forward a couple years and I finally took the reel in to get it modified as my wife simply preferred the TLD 5 over the Accurate and I couldn't blame her. When the owners saw the reel with the tournament line on it, they knew who it was. They came out and gave me a new and updated Boss 270 with a drag cam designed for light tackle and placed the old reel in their display case. They said "You were right, we designed a party boat reel. The folks in Florida told us the same thing. Once we redesigned it, our sales took off in Florida and elsewhere."
  16. Jetblack


    Not quite so! The bellevilles are actually disc springs which compress under load (flatten out). As such it is possible to change the dynamic of this pack of springs by changing their alignment. ()()()|| will give you something different than (()())||. Taking out the static pusher bushing an replacing it with bellevilles just makes you "spring" softer and compensates the inclination of the cam.
    Something like ()()()()() is about as soft as you can get, without fiddling with the cam.
  17. mchawk

    You may want to talk to avet, I seem to remember that some of the guys back east wanted some lighter drag curves for thier avet's and there were some cams they made for that market, not as much top end and a much more gradual ramp up.
  18. 1:11

    6 and 8 washer configs are gonna be tough on a reel whose schemy shows only 4 bevs.
  19. Jetblack

    @lend-aFish .... that's why you have to take out (!) the pusher bushing to make room for the extra bellevilles. How many you can finally need to replace the pusher bushing is dependant on the modell.
  20. Jetblack

    ..and while we're at it :) the Belleville next to the spool bearing has to be put in in a fashion, that it will not touch the outer ring of the bearing or seal.

    Therefore the alignment should be: )[bearing] and NOT ([bearing]