Life jackets,what do you prefer?

Discussion in 'Boating Discussion' started by Fishbones, Dec 4, 2009.

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  1. Fishbones

    Reading what happened to Rob Sanford got me thinking about these. I am 47 yrs old and DO NOT KNOW how to swim! I have owned boats for 27 years and never ever wore a life jacket.I have always had some on board just to be compliant.My additude was, hey when it's time's time for me to die.I guess I have grown a little wiser to relize I am not invincible. I hate to say it but I see more people not wearing one off shore than I do wearing one.So for the guys that do wear them what do you prefer,vest type of self inflating of the jackets that look like coats? I know it never gets blistering hot out here so I am thinking the coat style like the picture.What are your thoughts?
    Integrity Flotation Coat :: Mustang Survival
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  2. MYNomad

    Get the suspender type. Very comfortable. And why not learn to swim.
  3. dieselpusher

  4. Trayscool

  5. Saluki

    Mustang auto inflating.
    The evil sneevil, most expensive ones they have is what Cooter & I wear.

    Retail about $370.

    My kids think I'm worth that much, so I strap it on before backing the boat into the water and I don't take it off till the boats back on the trailer.
  6. sumdeal

    love the free ones on the side of the freeways, they work for me.
  7. M/V Santa Rosa Advertiser

    I have 12 of these MS-195 mod for whenever needed, passed out a few to some guys i know that fish the rocks..

    also have 12 immersionsuits

    loaded down with water activated lights and dye packs along with foil pouch water and a "Floating Peanut" which clips to a ring on your suit, inside the peanut is ..

    Mirror for signaling
    sunscreen for your face
    fishing line and hooks, (YEAH I KNOW BUT IN CASE YOU DONT MAKE IT TO THE RAFT)
    more dye packs
    shark repellent
    and you can add your own stuff in it like candy bars, or dry nuts
    and even a VHF handhelp in case your in range

    In my master suit i have a personal EBRIP, and all kinds of neat stuff, I dont fish outside anymore but that plane,, just in case,, it goes with us

    BUT I DONT NEED THAT STUFF CAUSE SHIT FLOATS,,,,thats what my Dad told me
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  8. MYNomad

    They come both ways. I choose manually inflating because I didn't want to get stuck. On the other hand, if you are conscious you won't get stuck, but if you aren't you will usually be better off with auto inflate. Not sure I made the right choice -- in the end the manual was cheaper.
  9. Double Z

    I like the manuals for me. I am pretty good in the water and want to be able to go in the water if I have to. The kids get auto's. Guests depend on their experience but most get auto's. Remember, you not only need to know how to activate a manual inflate, you need to be able to do it while unexpectedly hitting the water in what is likely the worst event of your life.

    While cruising at night, I put on the Offshore auto-inflate.

    Lately, I just put on one of the orange ones while sitting on the couch and singing the theme to Gilligans Island. You know, 'cause my boats still broke....
  10. speedgoat

    Sounds like someone needs to come up with an auto-inflate vest combined with a manual back-up inflate system. That way if you hit the drink while you're knocked-the-fuck-out/incapacitated you will float. Conversely, if you're trapped inside a capsized hull, like Rob was, you can pop the auto-inflated vest to escape and activate the manual backup to save your ass while you're bobbing around waiting for rescue.

    Shouldn't be all that difficult to rig something like this. Skydivers use back-up chutes, why not boaters? Especially in extreme conditions.

    my nephew was wearing a manual inflating type for the Halibut Tourney which looked comfortable and real compact - I'm going to get one of these...what brand was it T.O.T.W.?
  12. Mo

    Mustang or SoSpender is all I use. Worth the $300+

    My kids also wear the Mustang offshore for kids.

    I found the new comfort fit by Mustang (also sold as a Westmarine ) very easy to wear

    Deluxe Inflatable Collar life jacket MD3081

    SOSPENDERS Inflatable PFD's | WORLD CLASS VEST Automatic - Manual, Navy - Red (d/c) | 8030426 from the ™ on-line catalog.

    These Stormy Seas coats are popular with my commercial fishn buddies. Both auto and manual.

    ~~~~ Also these auto inflate vests are easy to remove as you only have one clip in front (even when inflated) if worn properly.
    In a emergency, tossing around on the seas you don"t want to be swinging a sharp knife around. ~~~
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  13. middleofnowhere

    I was looking online at some of the inflatables. My beautiful wife says I can buy another $250K in term life for the cost of a single jacket.
  14. gecsr1

    If I'm by myself, I wear a auto inflate west marine brand, and use a line thethered to the laynard to shut down my engines. If i'm fishing with my gf, I have her use the auto inflate and I wear a maunual inflate. and don't use an engine kill thether.
  15. Double Z

    As a side note, I should mention the maintenance on these things. They need to be well taken care of and maintained. If you have not checked your auto-inflate this season, please do. The re-build kits are cheap and usually it's just the little pill that needs replacing. You should also open up the flap to expose the bladder. You can orally inflate to check for leaks, rips, or tears.

    The pill that gets replaced can go bad by just sitting in a moist environment. You know, like the cabin or center console of your boat....

    Out of the 25 or so I maintain, we replace about 5 pills (or what ever you want to call them) a year.
  16. Gil Marlin

    Are we still talking about PFD's here??? :D

    I'm looking to buy 2 sets of the manual off shore suspender types, but am looking for a deal on them this winter...
  17. Mo

    I replace my ( bobbin? ) and CO2 cannisters annually, so I set the old ones off to check to see that all is working and no leaks.
  18. T.O.T.W.

    I have a Mustang...

    Mustang Deluxe Manual MD3085