Life is good report:seabass

Discussion in 'Central California Fishing Reports' started by gernsey, Jun 5, 2012.

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  1. gernsey

    After sending off all my girls for the weekend it was off to the promised land.





    It pays to have a good network,we had it GOOD until sunday when some lame boat whith a big red sign showed up.Whats up with that kook.I won't mention any names but there initials are OPTIONS.DON'T COME BACK!


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    Damn good time brutha!!

    You were on fire!!!!!!!!

    How many seabass did dave catch? ah hah ha hah hah!!!!

    Lets do that again real soon!!!
  3. Tues

    Sweet sled, and the fish doesn't suck either!
  4. Saluki

    Bad Ass Matt............... Bad Ass!
  5. Bank Robber

    Nice work on some very nice fish! I saw you and that killer boat of yours out there on Sunday morning.
  6. gernsey

    Hows Dave's marathon warm up strech.He almost fell over.:hali_olutta:
  7. ib12fish

  8. gernsey

    Thanks Dean,glad you got in on that.
  9. gernsey

    Hey Brandon,shouldn't you be filling gas cans right now and heading south.
  10. brantc

    Sweet Gernsey....nice pics.
  11. ratrod

    Must have been fun pulling on those beasts!!! Nice work!
  12. The Right Kind

    Hey Gerns,
    Is that Willy's boat?
    How's he doing?
    Nice score!
  13. BloodyHooker

    Killed it! We were on Rapfsody and it was great to see friends out there.

    Seems like everyone was scoring EXCEPT that donky boat Options. Nothing says kook like a guy who comes up from LBC and yells at locals, then asks if he can slide in when were leaving with our limits. They were yelling at kayakers too!

    62# seabass! Congrats Randy!
  14. ensenoli

    A Big thank you to Mayor G. for hosting the bite! Wish it was like Friday all weekend. Good fun!
  15. ensenoli

    Oh and Randy- Whats up with the floating Seal Condom?
  16. BiggestT

    Gernsey, I'll PM you my address and next time send your women there. Oh and nice catch.

    I cant divulge all my secrets!!! :rofl:

    Floating Bait Ring to keep my squid in....I hate hearing the bait pump run 24/7!!

    You guys picked up a toad as well! Stoked for you!
  18. Ali Admin

    Nice work buddy.
  19. ensenoli

    The Moon comes up, Insert seal and the fun begins.....
  20. gernsey

    3 more than rob