Let's give Jen her wish......

Discussion in 'Oregon Fishing' started by G-Spot, Mar 15, 2008.

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  1. G-Spot

    I am not sure Jen is real honest about what she really wants... I think it could be hormones.... If she get's her original 100 posters she will loose all her sponsors.... she tries to pretend like they don't make any money, but based on the number of sponsors and users she is doing just fine.

    This is what I am going to try and do.... I encourage all of you to do the same... I am a guy of principle and I will not patronize businesses who support Ifish.....

    I was headed over tomorrow to look a KJ's shop and consider one of his boats.... Not now..... I will not support Ifish in any way.... I will encourage my friends to come to this board, I will not shop Joes, and I will talk to corporate about them (I know someone) I will not shop any other sponsor, it will hurt as I like to shop at many of these places.... I will have to get better at mail order.....

    I think we sould have decals made for the back window of our truck with a circle and a line through Ifish.... Friedns dont let friends Ifish......

    It's really funny KJ was trying to sell me Pilar's boat, because Pilar hasn't paid him any money and he thought the Kismet would sell real fast.... OOOOPs... The guy is so full of shit... just like when he went to purchase Kismet, but then couldn't get the $$ and then some generous Ifisher loaned him the $$......

    No Ifish.... Let's try to support this site, and not let it get out of hand like the other.... if we banter and flick each other a littel shit who cares... thicken up....go cry and come back with a better attitude....let's not cross the line, but have fun.....

    Also we are the early comers over here..... PLEASE, dont ever tell the new guys we were here fisrt.... I want the board back the way it was.... things change roll with it... that's life!

  2. Az.monkey

    dayum ! I hate it when I miss stuff
  3. Keta

    The hull is too narrow for it's length and it rides on the chine bad. It would make a good Columbia River or lake boat but it's not safe in saltwater.
  4. G-Spot

    Most all trailerable (8'6") flybridge boats are very top heavy and roll a lot on the ocean..... I would not own one in the PNW.....

    I think it's a laugh that he thought the botorhome would sell right away... LOL What a joke..... it's worth about half of what he is asking...... it's an old i/o boat...... that is not good off our coast..... with little room for fishing and a great big cabin.... Oh well... I could never say this over there.....

  5. Chromaflage

    John, now don't be starting that crap over here too. My 1988 I/O does just fine. Like everyone else, I pick my days. I've got 150 gal. fuel tank and am maxed out at 40 fish with a crew of 3. I can't complain.

    The one reason I'm spending more time here lately is that I"m tired of the "my shit's better than yours" arguments.
  6. Moldy45

    it is all good Kerry,now we can tell him to screw himself and move on lol :imdumb:
  7. elliemay

    Welcome guys.
  8. G-Spot

    My shit is not better than your shit.... I used to have a 1979 Chriscraft Catalina.... I bought it, re-powered it, fished it, spent way to much money on it and sold it for $10,500.00... that was what it was worth... and it took months to sell it... I was commenting about the $24K price tag for what it is.... a boatorhome, narrow, flybridge, for $24K.....And thinking it would sell right away before the tin boat was finished....

    Besides.... like Moldy Said.... tell me to piss off... I can take it... just don't read into what I said.... I think any boat that get's you fishing is a great boat.

    To think a 28 year old runn of the mill I/o boat is $24K seems a little high to me.... I sold my 1988 Grady 252 Salifish with twins 166 hours, and much more for $27K and it took months...

    maybe I am wrong... but at least I can express my opinion...... :imdumb:

    You can't ban me...... :Smoke_Emoticon:
  9. Moldy45

    this is for both of you :gayfight:
  10. Moldy45

    Now wish me luck cause I am giving my oldest son up today to a Blonde knockout.
    going right by you today Kerry ,they are tieing the knot at timberline
  11. G-Spot

    I also want you to know I like your boat way better than the boatorhome.... it has nice lines, and I am sure would hande the water better than the narrow flybridge.... I would take my boat out on the same days you take yours.... your boats is as salty as mine....

    I would like to be clear.... some time things get read into a little... I was pointing out weaknesses of one boat and one owner's thinking does not mean I think I am better... I just disagree that any boat woudl sell immediately unless it is significantly under value...... and to good to pass up....

  12. EJ Har

    Glad we got that settled. Jen would be very dissappointed in you guys right now. lmao! :picknose:
  13. Triplec

    Congratulations Mike.
  14. Try Catch

    Kerry, I think you missed his point. He's talking about high center of gravity, boaterhome style boats, with fly-bridges. I don't think your boat qualifies. However, every boat has its limitation, and none are perfect for everything (Which is the root of the "Mine is better than yours" argument.

    By the way, my Striper is better than a Grady, any day :idiot:
  15. Try Catch

    Oh, and to John's other point. I can't see myself boycotting Englund's Marine... Sorry. Being moored at the Embarcadero, it's way too convienant if I'm short on supplies.
  16. Keta

    I think my brother would let the '76 28'x11' Tolley go for that and it has 2 351 inboards in her and does not have stability problems. Used boats aren't selling well now.

  17. jre63

    Nice looking boat at the docks.
  18. G-Spot

    Dooooh! Well boycott who ya can and let Englunds know you are making the transition to the Oregon board of BD.... at least maybe they can come join us as a sponsor....... I may have a hard time with the boycott as well, but I am going to try.....

    Englunds has to much good stuff!

  19. Try Catch

    If mine is "nice looking at the docks" what does that make yours James? :cheers:
  20. Togiak Jac

    Now I think I'm logged on, but I logged EJ out. He's downstairs building a rod, so he'll find out about this later. Thanks guys. I know keeping it family rated can be difficult. It's amazing what the 4 year old has repeated around our house lately (I'm as much to blame). Hope things go better over here at BD -- gotta go, EJ's coming...........