LED Deck Light Actually on a Boat

Discussion in 'Check Out My Boat' started by Kman, Feb 17, 2007.

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  1. Kman

    Finally got a chance to try out the 66 LED deck light on a boat. Gotta say it was everything I had hoped. The distance to the transom was 10’ on this boat and the whole cockpit was lit well enough to fish from.


    The only thing I noticed was that there was a definite shadow (as there would be with any light). The cool thing here is that you could put two of these rascals on a hard top (port & starboard) to minimize shadows, and you would still only be drawing less than one amp of power—about the same as an interior festoon bulb.

    Anyways, it's kind of cool to have an idea and have it actually work.
  2. gonsurfn

    Cool stuff. As the technology improves with higher output LEDs, who knows! There are a few manufacturers that use them for safety and deck lights...Jeanneau sailboats and a few others. Cool stuff you have posted on the subject. thanks.
    Hopefully I can rig some on my next boat...
  3. TSL

    did you make it? more info...............can I get a couple?

  4. Kman

    I've made two of the 66 LED fixtures so far and sold them both. There's 200 parts in those rascals and it takes me a day to solder them up and seal with epoxy, not counting a 24 hour burn in.

    I have them for sale on the classified board. Warning: Sticker shock.