Leadheads for Swimbaits? (Calico related)

Discussion in 'Fishing Chit Chat' started by Stinky Fingers, May 31, 2007.

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    What weight leadhead is your favorite when fishing swimbaits for Calico Bass?

    I usually use 3/4 - 1oz. but have also used heavier ones as well as lighter ones depending on the size of the plastic and other conditions.

    To cut to the chase:

    1) What size leadhead do you prefer depending on the size of the bait and conditions?

    2) What is your favorite brand and style of swimbait when given a choice?

    3) Do you think colored heads make a difference and if so why and what color do you prefer?

    4) Scent? Do you use it and if so what is the best and do you mentally feel unconfident when fishing swimbaits without scent?

    5) Eyes? Do you really need eye's on a leadhead when fishing swimbaits for Bass? Or is that just a psychological advantage that you personally prefer?

    6) Bonus question.. what is your favorite swimbait color combo?

    Just getting back into this and was curious what everyone has to say about fishing swimbaits for checkers. The technology has gotten beyond my ability to keep up and I really value your input on this subject!

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    i usually use a 3/4 lead head, plain colored with eyeballs on em, even that isnt necessary. if they arent biting red hot on that i'll move down to a 4 inch and a 1/2 led head. Scent? personally i think that's gay, kinda kills the point of fishing artificials once you put bait on your swimbait (but thats my preference) and how many fish have been caught in the past without it? there ya go. as far as brands, i like Fish Trap, Big Hammers, and MC's. I have more MC's and BH's in my box than FT's but that might just be how it happened. umm my favorite combo would be the MC Mint back w/ clear belly 5inch with a 3/4 plain ledhead with eyes/ does the color and eyes on a led head really make a difference? im not all too sure, but it has worked awesome for me..

    and pay attention to anything Ceez says, he's got this bass thing down pretty good
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    I got a few Trix Jetty Worms @ the Fred Hall show. I decided, what the hell, next time its slow Ill give them a shot. I havent fished Calicos in a long time, I got kinda bored with it.

    I tied on a pink crab TJW and drifted into the kelp. I forgot how getting on the drop felt. Im hooked again. Im not aff. or anything like that, I just like the product. Did I mention the weedguards work great in heavy cover?

    Trix Jetty Worm - #1 Saltwater Lure for Heavy Structure! Calico bass love it!

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