last week of August/1st Week of Sept

Discussion in 'Fishing Chit Chat' started by SeaDawg, Jun 27, 2004.

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    Got 2 weeks, a Baja escape module (86 K5 Blazer) and a 21 boat. I am thinking of towing down to San Quintin, then over to LA Bay, and possibly to Muleage after that. Sounds like a reasonably inexpensive trip for 3 or 4 guys.

    I sure would like to hear from the voices of experience concerning this. Maybe some better ideas????????

    The furthest I have towed is San Quintin. I have towed my rig down twice with no problems and rode down with HeavenBound and C-Nut another time.

    I have a buddie from Australia who comes up every couple years to fish, and he loves Mexico. Sure would like to land a 40 lb dorado this summer, or an 80 lb Yellowfin would make my day as well :) As good as the fishing is right now, here, I may not have to go anywhere to catch dorado & yellowfin, although probably not that big.

    So anyhow, I am looking for some advice. Also, if someone was interested in towing down together, that would :rockin: as well.
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    I want to go around the same time frame but I'll haul ass to stright to loretto.
    Comming back home stop in san qutin, might fish a day there, maybe not.
    Money is the main factor.
    The dorado part would be easy in loretto.
    Trailer down to la paz 3 1/2 - 4 hrs and get the tuna, or maybe down to cabo 6-7 hrs from loretto.
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    LA Bay will be killer at that time...

    LA Bay is only a one day drive,, SQ is almost 1/2 way.. Loretto takes much longer... I plan to hit LA Bay around the same times.. road is in great shape...

    Hint of the day... in LA Bay,, get A/C -- Guillermos has A/C at night only --but you can play on the beach for the days.. Two others advertise 24 hour A/C, but I have never tired them.. all rooms in town are about the same price... ( place is next to the phone shop has 24 hour a/c,, first hotel you find as you enter town..look for alll the sat dishes and solar panels. Owners are Guillermos in-laws)

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