Largemouth Bass Recipes

Discussion in 'Fishing and Hunting Cooking Recipes' started by LATUNA, Feb 13, 2008.

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    Anyone got any good largemouth bass recipes. Running out of wahoo and speckled trout but have plenty of bass swimming around the lake at the house. Been pan frying them in olive oil. Getting tired of that.

  2. Sluester

    Fry them up in some beer batter.

    Might try the beer batter. No reason to release these. They are in 15 acre lake and there's only so much food available. If i don't keep em I end up with tons of runts and i'm the only one that fishes the lake.
    Anyone ever smoked any? Gonna smoke some blackfin tomorrow and I might try some bass too.
  4. okie man

    seasoned flour and fry it in butter! the best tool to manage bass in small waters is the angler. sometimes you have to take some fish for a healthy balance!
  5. the hook

  6. coryellk

    Eggwash the filets. Dip them in Zataran's Cornmeal Fish Fry. Fry in 400 degree peanut oil. Pat with paper towel. Like most everything that eats a lure, they're yummy.

    Strict C&R is a great way to build a fishery. Once that fishery is healthy, it's time for a slot limit. Bass fishing is past this point.
  7. Squid Vicious what you do brother , going to louisiana in august with a couple friends ( this is bloody decks......damned if you do , damned if ya don't.......with that said = DO !!!!!!!!!!! LOL LOL )

    ...........i'll look ya up !!!!!!!!!!!! ...............will be towing rigs with us and staying for a week

    Catch and release is the worst thing you can do for farm ponds. Larger bass yes, 12-14" bass, crappie, and bream is a bad mistake. The pond is only going to produce so much in the way of forage for any of these species. If you want to grow big bass they don't need to be competing with bunches of 12" fish.
  9. fishpainter

    "dixie fry"..I ate them as a kid...I say if its legal to keep...fry it deep.
  10. HTA

    Its way tooo funny how some people act about a fish being caught and eaten. Just like our early ancestors the caveman we still have to eat. My sister has 4 ponds (approximately 35 acres of water) on their property in Arkansas and we catch both the catfish and largemouth bass and the best way to cook a bass is to marinade it in a mix of worschister sauce and melted butter with a touch of brown sugar. Then roll in a bowl of finely crushed Ritz crackers with garlic flavor. Toss in hot oil (did i mention to cut the fillets into 1" wide strips) for about 3 minutes and then dip the fish in your favorite sauce and eat em up. This is one of my favorite recipes for Large mouth bass. But for you Large Mouth Assholes if its a leagle fish to take then a man should be able to catch and eat it as his own choice, especially if its from his own privately stocked fish ponds. Largemouth bass are also excellent BBQ and smoked with the proper seasonings. Good luck and I hope this recipe helps in you catching and eating more bass.
  11. Jig Strike

  12. Smudge

    Hmmm, the recipe HTA has sounds interesting.

    And the rest of you, get off of your C&R high horse. It's a farm pond. Besides, it's LA, like Louisiana, not L.A. like Los Angeles. There are enough large mouth in Louisiana to feed all of the starving children around the world...

  13. RASTA

    enjoy the bass!!!!ive ate them they are pretty good!!!i perfer crappie though.
  14. jephs422

    Are you guys fucking kidding me? The dude is fishing a privately stocked pond, and he's getting shit for eating a few fish?

    back to the question; I like a simple beer batter and deep fry, but I'll go kill a few this week and try out HTA's recipe
  15. Saluki

    Rinse fillets
    Pat dry with paper towel
    Dip in scrabled egg
    Coat in Progresso Italian Bread Crumbs (you can buy it in the blue round container at the store).
    Fry in a little oil or bake at 350 degrees.

    Damn good served up with some onion tatter totts!

    When I lived in Illinois we used to chow down on farm pond LMB a couple times a week.

    Damn good eating!
  16. Stanley

    I've cooked everything from trout to thin-sliced Tshark that's the best!
  17. Kurt

    Scrabled egg :D

    Fuck ya eat them pond suckers up. Toss in a bluegill for flavorin :D
  18. Bottom Line

    I used to make a ginger sauce and simmer the fillets in it - as awesome as LMB can get IMO.
  19. Redneck75

    Dip the fillets in egg and then in crushed saltine crackers. Deep fry and enjoy.
  20. unskunkable

    :fighting0061::It__s_Outta_Here::Beat_Them:lux::Zombie_Ro:devil:i like em sauteed in butter with salt,pepper,and garlic everything even bonito and the freshwater stipers up in pyramid and castaic tastes better that way:nutkick:and stop giving people a hard time for eating fish this is BLOODYDECKS dipshits:deadhorse