Lake Wohlford 12/27

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fishing Reports' started by Stanley, Dec 28, 2006.

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  1. Stanley

    Got so caught up in stirrin' shit that I forgot to post my report.

    Wohlford is where I caught my first fish ever, so I have an affinity for this lake. 35 minutes from my home.

    5,000 lbs. stocked on 12/21, so I talked my brother into giving it a try. We were first there, fishing starts at 6am. $5 permit at the restaurant and a dozen night crawlers. Under $13 for two guys to fish all day.

    This guy pulls up next to us (you can park right down on the lake) and says he got a 7.5 lb. on a Kastmaster the day before. I rip off my shit and tie on a Kastmaster...then nature showed up. We got lotsa wind and pissed on hard. Went back up to the restaurant and we had a Coors Light, 1 egg, potatoes and bread with jelly for under $7.50 each. Tried to wait out the squalls and then just said fuck it...home by 10:15am.

    That is my report.

    Can't wait to go again...probably on Sunday AM but gotta be back for the game at 1:15pm.
  2. aclemieux

    You guys shoulda just mooned 'em. I hear that works on the half day boats. Why didn't you take a picture?! :rofl:

    Nice report. Meeting tonight?
  3. Steve9256

    Stan: Chrs And I have made it 2 for 2 in rain at Wohlford this year.:(
    And have managed 3 trout so far. Breakfast as always s pretty good in the rain and wind. Did Skinner yesterday with Ono his son,Rigo his son and Chris and me. Some nice Trout and then Wind.:eyepoppin Rented Pontoon Boat fished 6 people 3 dads 3 boys. A fun day. (no rain) ice on boat dock. Frost in the Tules. Dec. has been Cruel this Year. Give me a pm. when headed to Wohlford again.