Lake Ramoma 7-29-12

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fishing Reports' started by steverino, Jul 29, 2012.

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  1. steverino

    I woke up this morning and I had that feeling that I needed to go fishing so I decided to make the 2.5 mile hike up to Lake Ramona. It's been a while since I fished there but everything looked the same. The water was very clear and except for a few small bass in the shallows, I saw almost nothing worth catching. I started at the dam and just walked the shoreline throwing worms texas-rigged and dropshot style. I quickly picked up a solid 5 lb bass. Over the next 4 hours I caught 8 more bass from 1-2 lbs. with the hot baits being the 4 1/2" Margarita Mutilator and 6" Bold Bluegill Roboworm . Most bites came at the beginning of my retrieve far from shore and every fish that I did see crusing completely ignored my baits.
    At one point, a huge bass(10 lb?) threatened to eat one of my hooked bass(1 lb) but it couldn't quite commit to taking it in it's mouth. I left my hooked fish in the water for at least 2-3 mins and the big one kept following it, making occasional charges at it only to turn away at the last second. That was exciting! I kept working that area for a while but never saw it again.
    It was a nice day for a walk around the lake and the fishing wasn't too bad either.

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  2. stairman

    bass from that lake are starting to look healthier....a few years back they had normal sized heads for their lenght but the body was system in the lake is building

    Sounds like a blast!
  4. PCH

    Nice Steve. I grew up fishing Ramona. It's a great place to get away from the crowds since most people refuse to take the hike there. And there is exceptional bass fishing at the right times. Thanks for the post and pics! Paul
  5. steverino

    Yeah, they all looked healthy with heads and bodies that were proportionate. I'm not sure what they eat though, besides eachother. I only saw a few small bass tight to the shallows. I saw no signs of any kind of baitfish or crawdads and none of the bass puked anything up.

    I was there from 8:30-1:00(on a Sun.) and didn't see anyone else fishing. Just some hikers and some teenagers jumping off the rocks into the lake. You're right, that hike definitly keeps the crowds down.
  6. galen

    Right on. I was up there last month, got skunked. Saw very few fish. I too was wondering what the main forage was in that lake. Didn't see any birds or fish boiling on the surface.
  7. Short Bite

    Very nice , you should try that place at night ... oh wait shhhhhhhhhh... some one needs to put some tilapia in there it did wonders for el salto.
  8. PCH

    I think the main forage in Ramona are crawdads and bluegill/sunfish. It's really easy to turn rocks halfway submerged on the shoreline and find crawdads underneath.