Lake Poway 11/27

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fishing Reports' started by JimPat, Nov 27, 2005.

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  1. JimPat

    Took my 7 and 9 year olds :Pillow_Fi out on a boat at Lake Poway this morning. Hadn't been there before so this was more of a scouting trip. A quick trip since we had other things to do so on the water at 9am and off at noon. Weather was cool at first but warmed up nicely. We didn't get squat, but we saw a lot of people with fish on the stringers (Early Birds) and witnessed one guy haul in an 8# rainbow. He might even have been a BD'er since his celebration language sounded familiar as it echoed off of the cliffs.

    No fish, but it was great getting out with the kids, even if one of them asked what time it was every 10 minutes.

  2. Pickleboy

    :rofl: :rofl: sounds about like my 4 year old daughter ,if it is not WFO she is bored 10 minutes after we get on the lake

    you will get them next time and i am sure you had a great day on the pond with the kids

    thanx for the report
  3. Steve@316

    Cool... Ya My kids are usully farting around doing something eles and then their poll gets bit.

    I pretty sure they stock Poway on Tues.'s, so I may make a few trips on Wed.'s. I really want to get the kids hooked up, ALOT! Get um hooked early! I may be going Wed, afternoon,.. will post report if we go.
  4. Cory Admin

    Wednesday is the money day being the first day since the stock and no freaking paddle boats on the water. I'm thinking of making a couple of runs before work on Wednesdays this winter.

    I have Thursday off this week. I was thinking of a morning of lobbing power bait at Poway. Anyone else? PM me.
  6. JimPat

    I wish I could join you, but have to hit work by 7am. Might have some time off prior to Christmas maybe a bunch of us to get a morning trip up there and whack em.

  7. clink

    Used to fish there all the time with my daughter, Used to rent a boat, I would anchor off of the log boom. One day we both fell asleep and our heads were below the boats rails, My wife brought us out lunch to the lake and could not see us, I heard her yelling Dave, Brooke, I peeked over the rail and saw her standing on the shore. She laughed her ass off at us falling asleep. She says to me so this is what you do when you guys go fishing...........