LADY LUCK abord the Big Johnson Tuna 9-15-10

Discussion in 'Southern California Offshore Fishing Reports' started by GOAT15, Sep 15, 2010.

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  1. GOAT15

    Went west of the 302 to day for good tuna action all day. Some picky bitters but some good grade fish to be had. Lots and Lots of chumming the fish hung with us most of the day with a little lull at noon. Nice weather and the ride home was nice and smooth. Water temp 67. and the best color Ive seen in awile, perfect purple. Anyway the fish are movin up go get em. close. Me and Ron dog had a blast light lineing tuna, got a work out on the 15# I have a cool vid to up load as well of a nice double. I have to figure out how to upload. Cheers untill next time Capt Brando LADY LUCK!!!:hali_olutta:

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  2. TravisT

    Gotta love fishing the light string. Thanks for the report.
  3. HalfBreed

    Fuck yeah boys!
  4. Deno

    Thanks for the report... Going out in a few..
  5. SDSportfish

    Awesome Job boys!!
  6. watch-n-learn

    Very nice. I HOPE the conditions stay put for this weekend...
  7. calico kid

    Good news on the move up!
  8. wsbkiller

    Nice work Brando, thanks for the good news.
  9. diamond sharp

    Well done !!
  10. dapooltec

    Way to go Brando
    Thanks for the report.
  11. Reel hip

    I'll see the fleet out there!
  12. Bank Robber

    Sweet, thanks for the report.
  13. pescaloco

    Nice fish guys

    Chumming live or were you chunking ???
  14. Skipjacktuna

    Did you catch any fish on the troll or were they all meter mark fish, birds, dolphins???
  15. 26grumpy

    Rockin' close to home !!
  16. Headshot

    302?.....................Hells yeah!....Congrats on a bitchen day on tuna fishin!
    Some bad ass pic's you guys have there to share with us, Thanks!
    And thanks for the report!
  17. Barry Chew

    Way to slay 'em, Brando! Thanks for the info.
  18. GOAT15

    We where doin both live and chunk
  19. GOAT15

    Yeh no trollfish all meater mark drift fishing, and chumming
    good luck
  20. heman

    way to get'em!

    looks like those pix were from a GoHero camera? i assume you got video using the same camera? i use one when i go scuba diving and its pretty nice.