La Push Opener Party May 10th (Food Plan)

Discussion in 'Washington State' started by Roll the Bones, Apr 24, 2012.

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  1. Roll the Bones

    Ok so I was talking with Crocfins and TT about the Opener Party on the 10th for all of us out at La Push. We used the covered patio last year at the Campground where a lot of folks stayed. Great venue for our Party.
    Let us know what you think, we were thinking about everyone pitching in with their fish, a few Turkey cookers.
    They have a fire pit for a fire, so we will need some volunteers for Firewood contributions.
    This was one of the best parties ever and we want to keep up the tradition. So let's get some feedback and start the List of items for everyone to Potluck for this epic event.
    I will bring a turkey cooker and Propane bottle, a pot to fry, Fryer oil and a gallon of tartar sauce, a case of fries, and of course whiskey and vodka. And I will not let Vance and TT near Sawed off with a video camera.

    Let the fun begin!!!
  2. BugeaterInWa

    We might try to swing it up there for the get together. Sounds like last year was a lot of good times and good fun. We could probably bring a little bit of wood to help out and probably some grub to throw on the grill too. For sure we will bring man soda's!

    If Glad Wrap is with me I'll bring him along and pimp him out to others...

    If we are too wiped out, then we will chill by our fire and think about you guys... ha!
  3. Waterdog247

    I'll bring some firewood, as much as will fit in the truck after coolers and kit have been shoehorned in! :). Propane, Pendleton and potato salad are also on the list!!
  4. blackvelvet

    I'll be bringing a huge pile of paper plates and plastic forks, etc.

    Crown, yes.

    Shrimp salad, yes

    Couple big tarps to block the crap wind, yes

    Center cut kobe beef, fuck no, that's Charlies job.:finger:
  5. Roll the Bones

    Someone to bring Beer Batter fixins would be great! I know Ted (Blackvelvet) has I killer recipe!
  6. BugeaterInWa

    Com on, you gotta bring your crispy clam thingies, those are awesome. Need Grady226 to bring is potato dish too!
  7. Stryker20

    Plannin on coming down from Neah for the shin-dig.

    Group of us are rolling down. Myself, Swede, and a few of our crewmembers.

    I was thinking about bringing the fixins for my beer-batter Buffalo Seabass.

    We'll have plenty of those by Thursday, and it's based off the buffalo rock cod wraps recipe that was posted on the board a while back.

    Whadda ya say?
  8. TooManyHobbies

    Nice to have some Neah guys coming.

    I'll bring a bunch of wood, fryer fixin's, and pickled stuff from last year summer that is really starting to get good.

    Could probably bring more chowder..
  9. Elkfins

    Sign me up for Pancko breading, flour and eggs...

    Colonel Sanders will have plenty of homemade wine for those of you that like Kool-aid with a kick.
  10. Kool-Aid

    I will have something food wise to contribute.

    I will also have my BBQ which will be open for anyone to use.
  11. dragonballs

    count me in too....

    I will bring a bottle of water and a half bag of ice with a red cup to make a drink in... (provided someone is bringing some booze) I just raided our pantry and have come up with two complete unopened packs of top ramon ( 1 beef and 1 chicken ) not sure if the expiration dates mean much.. I will also stop by Taco Bell and get a couple of packs of some killer hot sauce..(let me know if anyone wants the mild) I will also pick up at least three sporks for those that aren't able to contribute... I plan on stopping at the cheveron on south hill and stealing a roll of butt don't go in the first stall....does anyone think we need any of the wood sticks from starbucks? if so It means I have to make another stop.....This is going to be one rocking mutha so get ready... if anyone see's a fresh possum on the road grab it because we can cook it in some salt water for flavoring and have a killer stew....can't wait to see you guys there....:finger::finger::finger:
  12. Tower Todd

    I'm in. Thinkin up sum chit to bring, cmon. :finger:

  13. Brabo1432

    ---I'll bring some (over 21) beverages and other side dishes.

    [FONT=&quot]Are you all camping at the Quileute Oceanside Resort [/FONT]campground? That's where we'll be.
  14. blackvelvet

    That chit is scary TT.... C'mon man rilly ???

    :2gunsfiring_v1:We need a definate answer. Generic answers are only accepted from Marlin Mike.

    C'mon Back.
  15. blackvelvet

    Shit brutha, those clam patties are a pain in the you know what.

    We'll be doing the clam patties on Friday night in the cabin and you and scott are more than welcome to join us.
  16. Sammy Hooker

    I'll bring firewood, blue mountains, and a huge batch of scratch 5-cheese crab n mac
  17. TexMojoII

    I haven't fished LP yet but this sounds like a good time to start. So, if someone hasn't made any type of lodging arrangements yet, is it too late to find something? Not picky, campground, whatever. Thanks
  18. Elkfins

    Call the Quilleute Oceanside Resort.
  19. TooManyHobbies

    They had plenty of space when I called a few weeks ago.

    I camp in my truck in one of the RV spots. They're located around where the party is going to be, too.
  20. Marlin Mike

    Im in i will bring some cake for sawed off, camera and video just so we have some documentation of all the free loaders.

    Should I bring a platter of Ham sandwhiches so we dont get to hungry waiting for the food to cook?

    just a thought