La Paz or Loreto?

Discussion in 'Mexico' started by sushizilla99, Sep 29, 2010.

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  1. sushizilla99

    Looking for some ideas. Buddy and I planning a short 3-4 day Baja fishing trip end of November / December leaving from Los Angeles. 1st time for me, he recommends Loreto where he fished 10 years ago. I'm open and saw La Paz inthe same area. Doesn't matter to me as long as there's fish:profile: and beer:hali_olutta:(in that order, preferably)

    What can we expect to spend if we bring our own tackle? What kind of gear/set ups? Can we bring our catch back through customs? Any recommendations appreciated. Cheers!
  2. LarryHaynes

    Loreto has been awesome for Yellowtail, but didn't live up to it's rep for Do Do's this year. A friend of mine has a house down there and said it's been disappointing for the case that's what you were looking to bag. Lots of cold beer to be had and a titty bar with hot chicas!
  3. BajaMike

  4. sushizilla99

    Yellows & Dorado's would be the target species. Anything would be better than the slow year here in southern cal.

    I'll do my homework and check out the Loreto & La Paz accommodations (along with the all inclusive dancing girls). Buddies 1st yellow caught in Loreto at 40lbs. Sounds not to shabby to me!

    Thanks Larry & Mike!
  5. Ricofly

    My vote would be La Paz and I would use the Baja Pirates of La Paz. They have great 5 day 4 night packages which include 3 full days fishing all airport transfers, choice of hotels and the best boats, gear and service available in the area! They use Avet reels exclusively. The boats are US types with real iced fishholds and real live bait tanks. This group is not a travel service who hooks you up with someone else for van travel, and again someone else for fishing. Baja Pirates has the best prices because we own the boats, we own the fishing gear and we own the vans which do all the pickups and deliveries. We will do everything for you, Including your flight arrangements. Check it out! or call Leonard directly @ 866-454-5386 or his cell@ 562-522-3100. He actually answers the phone most of the time so your reservations are handled by the owner and not some third party booking agent. You can't go wrong with the Baja Pirates and they are also Bloodydeck sponsers so you will be fishing with family! Regards, Baja rico
  6. prolinegd

    Fishing La Paz, Fishing and partying, Loreto.
  7. loreto1234

    I'm a huge Loreto fan and have been going since the mid 80's. Fishing can be great and the town is a sample of the old days and the people are super cool. I fish with Gloria Davis (son Titto) in town if going straight out or north (Punta Lobo, Cadilario, Pulpito, San Bruno, San Basilio etc). If fishing south I go to Juncalito and fish with Jose Torres Loreto Sportfishing Loreto Fishing Dorado Yellowtail - Torres Sportfishing Isla Catalan, S. Coronado, Danzante Augua Verde, Cabo Blanco etc. Local restaurants do a good job of stuffing you with both good grinds and suds. You can go low budg on the rooms or spend a few extra shells at La Mission which is really nice (4-star). I just ckecked the report for fishing and it currently looks pretty slow.
    I've been to La Paz as well and it too is a blast and fishing can be off the charts with bigger models for sure. Much larger town with more restaurants and bars. It's not the sleepy little village like Loreto but it is a killer place.

    Either way have a great trip!! Hope this helps.
  8. mhatz1

    I went to la paz in early august and had a great time. Landed a 50# bull dorado my new personal best. Call leonard at Baja Pirates great rates nice 21 ft center consels to fish from a nice hotel to stay in.
  9. LarryHaynes

    I still vote for Loreto for the titty bar and Super Burro's giant carne asada tacos and burritos. :))
  10. MateoFeo

    Agreed. Smaller town = more fun. in my eyes anyway. unless your lookin for tang, then La Paz
  11. elreytut

    loreto is usually yellows in spring, dorado throughout the season. cabrilla early in march. la paz has bigger fish, much more variety. pez gallo to 80bls. , pargo, billfish tuna,dorado and a shot at wahoo around the high spots south of cerralvo. david jones' operation for a good trip. Fishermen's Fleet Baja sport fishing panga charters in La Paz
  12. bassturd65

    I agree with elreytut La paz has a lot more options, David Jones "Fishermens Fleet" is my choice If your a serious fishermen, but there is many others to choose from. customs is pretty cool there at the La Paz Airport if you give them some of your frozen fish they usually let you slide on the overweight ice chest. Have fun!
  13. VernAK

    I tried a lot of areas and guides before I settled on LaPaz and Fishermen's Fleet two decades hidden fees....every thing is above board. LaPaz has many great restaurants to cook your fish and David's "fish house" is one of the best.

    IMO that the better captains of that area, work for David. They work hard for the client and are all good guys that rely on repeat screw the gringo tricks.
  14. elreytut

    agreed. bkfst and some meals included, plus beer/soda for a buck all u want? plus vacuum sealing your fish and david's sharp wit? such a deal
  15. sushizilla99

    Very much appreciate all the feedback. My fishing buddy jump over to a new company and had to start right away, needs to build up some vacation - End result is much longer trip planned for same area but delayed till Mar/April '11.

    Local rock fishing lately is just fine but can't wait, for my 1st trip abroad. Thanks again, all!
  16. billder99

    Hey Guys,

    I didn't see this thread when I submitted a new thread yesterday, "Loreto - Bird Piles!!"... you will find some good info in regard to fishing in Loreto. If you are interested in fishing anywhere in Baja Sur (Mulege, Loreto, Insurgentes, La Paz, Los Cabos), I will be happy to answer your questions... pretty much have it dialed in. Not criticizing, but in some of the posts above there is misinformation that can steer you wrong. I love living here and it is great fun to see you guys come down. Disclaimer: I am a building contractor, in no way associated with any fishing related business... just love the Sea of Cortez, fishing & spearfishing.
  17. scrinch

    Your best option at that time of year is probably going to be yellowtail at Loreto. But if it is a longer trip, maybe you should try the yellows and cabrilla south of Santa Rosalia for a couple of days, yellowtail at Loreto for a few days, and then finish off at La Paz for pargo and amberjack. You'll spend some hours traveling, but will get quite a variety of fishing. It will be all fairly cool water fish at that time, though. Likely no tuna, dorado, or billfish yet in March/April.