La Paz fishing report, 4/19

Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by pargon, Apr 19, 2007.

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  1. pargon

    Not a bad week, but not a great one. The weather has certainly not settled down into summer yet. We've had winds from the south, north, east and west this week. None of them have been severe, or kept us from fishing, but they do limit mobility, and seem to get the fish a little confused. Bait is there (mostly sardinia at the south point), the fish are there (pargo liso and cuberas, cabrilla, sierra, clavallinos at Punta Perico and Las Pilis), the fishermen are here (most notably El Guapo himself, Richard Casteneda from Cass Tours, one of the two or three best in his business) but it's kinda like things are a little out of synch. The pargo will be laying on the surface one day, 1/2 acre of them, and then down the next. The sierra would indicate cooler water, but we've caught a fare amount of dorado inshore..... It's just not all pointing in the same direction. If you look at Terrafin there's a huge plume of warmer water headin' up the center of the gulf, and curling west above Cerralvo. Bodes well. It's kinda like on roller derby, when they're changing from one team to another, everybody's on the track, some trying to get up to speed, others trying to leave. We've had pargo into the mid 20's, a couple of 30 pound cabrilla, large catches of sierra (25 for one boat with flyrods, up to 7 pounds), but the focus and consistency that this place has when it's lit up just isn't quite here yet. Patiencia Gringo, it's just about here.
    Have Fun,
    David Jones
  2. IglooMan

  3. VernAK

    I think the fish are waiting for me to arrive.....not sure I can warm the waters but I intend to try.....I'm past due for a good "harvest".

    Greetings Chris!
  4. IglooMan

    Right back at ya Vernesto. My Dad is up here in San Diego gathering the necessary tools for the upcoming harvest. What are the dates for your trip? I think Ill be heading down the last week of May...
  5. VernAK


    I will be at Fishermen's Fleet the last two weeks of May.....hope to see you then.