La Jolla Fishing Info needed.

Discussion in 'Southern California Inshore & Islands Fish Reports' started by Dshore, May 16, 2007.

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  1. Dshore

    Howdy Folks,

    Looking for insight on guides and how the fishing is right now. Just arrived in town and visiting the old man. Headed back up to Portland monday afternoon. Some of you know who I am, i mated for J Temple last summer down in Cowtown. Just left a message for Conway Bowman, a flyfishing trip for Thresher's and Mako's would be killer!
    Hoping for a awesome trip before i head back up to Portland where i'll only be in town for a few days, before kickin off the dock onboard a 31' Cabo Express, downward to Cabo.

    Peace, FISH ON!

  2. I hate seals Advertiser

    Just read the fishing reports.
  3. @-EZ

    I'm sorry...I thought this was a reports board...:imdumb: :imdumb: :imdumb: Silly me.:nutkick:
  4. MacAttack

    Ah, Dude: Fishing Chit Chat, please.:food-smiley-014:
  5. @-EZ

    :Smoke_Emoticon: Yea...what he said..:hali_ruahahaha:
  6. Saluki

    Josh went Brokeback on us?
  7. gecsr1

    no fish in La Jolla.........:fighting0061:
  8. Dshore

    I searched the archives three times for fishing guides in the area and was unable to find any. Looking for something simple. No need to charter a express style boat..
  9. the hook

    Bill Schaeffer could be your guy.

    Don't shoot him.

  10. Jaydog

    PM sent
  11. _lamb_

  12. Dshore

    Sorry, but Josh is the furthest thing from being a brokeback....

    I will say life is fab below the border... Its a pretty damn good life, Wakin up in paradise, running fuckinbadass machines, catchin giants by day, partyin it up like rockstars at nite..

    Thanks to all that have responded to this thread. Gonna go offshore with Jaydog. Thanks bro!
  13. WAR

    it's pretty muddy out there (inshore).