La Jolla 07/09 - 07/11 combo

Discussion in 'Southern California Inshore & Islands Fish Reports' started by _lamb_, Jul 11, 2005.

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  1. _lamb_

    Busy, cathing up on reporting...

    Saturday, 7/9 AMs (hey, was gonna post but the web site was down)
    Lamb crew looking for lamb.

    Early launch before 5:00AM to beat the crowds. Lethargic mid size sardines at EBros. Confirmed they are raising the price of full scoop to $30 starting 8/1 ($20 for ½ scoop).

    Conditions were nice, pretty flat and little wind. We made a stop to check out boiling bait at the kelp edge in front of the Brid Rock – picked up a couple of calicos, let 'em go.

    Got to the NW corner – water very nice and clear, bluish, 76 – 76.5. I got picked up on our 2nd drift – tight drag, little kelp trouble but over in no time – lamb on board. Lil’ lamb, 10 lb class.


    Swear to god - the finger is an accident. :)

    The rest of the day, we kept catching barries on the surface (or tying new hooks) and short lings on the bottom.

    We moved to the canyon later on and loaded 1 – 2 lbe-ers reds on dead squid. We got a few sandies in 120ft before the canyon edge drop too.

    No trace of red tide at LJ any more. :cheers:

    Monday, 7/11 AMs


    Lamb looking for yaklamb.

    Launched at about 4:30 with Ice and Corey. Water absolutely great – all nice and blue, very clear. It seems a bit wormer than on weekend. Unlike the last few times I was out on the kayak, the bait was no problem what so ever. Spanish all over, easy to make. I was working the NW corner early in the morning for few cuda strikes. Started heading back, and stopped to drift in the “nervous bait” area. Around 8:30, my mid-size Spanish on the surface got picked up in about 80 ft of water, about 80 yards away from the kelp. Strong pull, then drop… :( As I grabbed my rod and put it in a free spool, it ate it good… Swing, nice fight, lamb on board -15 lbs.


    As I was passing another kayaker, he hooked into the right kind and soon after landed about 10 lbs tail.


    That’s 3 right there, plus some radio fish… Didn’t really feel like that while on the water, but LJ has been pretty lively today. ;)

    Thanks Corey and Dave for the pics!

    Go get 'em and watch your wake :jo: !!!

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  2. Calico

    Way to rub it in again. Serious congradulations on the fish I am so fucking jealous.
  3. aguachico

    Yeah Adi; you are really dangerous now. Hittin both the yak and PB. Nice going.
  4. c-goat

    Sweet,I gotta get me some of that!.......soon!
  5. Kevin J. Oliver

    Is that the wife's hat you're wearing ?! Ok, ok, you're working me hard with salt in the open wounds..... way to wack a couple, yakin' and boatin' .... and on a monday no less.... I think you're the new "lamb dog"..... good job buddy, tight lines !!