LA harbor/Emmy report

Discussion in 'Southern California Inshore & Islands Fish Reports' started by tuner, Nov 19, 2006.

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  1. tuner

    I got a steal of a deal on a new 8hp merc kicker (I installed it last night) and left in the fog this morning to find some of "Behdad's quary"


    We picked up some sardines at nacho's and headed for the spot that caused this carnage last week. Is this where the stinger hook is supposed to go ???:shake: :104167739


    We worked the area and managed a few raked baits and one 14" sandy. At least the new motor worked great and putted along silently at 1mph. :)

    Next stop was platform emmy (my only legal halibut this year) for some drifting and slow trolling. After a few hits I finally got something to stick, it was big but no head shakes, and fifteen minutes later.... the wrong kind. :(


    I'm no fish snob, this was one of the biggest shovel nose sharks I've caught, but I was here for halibut. The wind has started out of the west and Annette is nearly done and I finally get the RIGHT KIND, albiet a 17 incher :shake: , on the last drift. I'm bringing the treble hooks next time.

  2. mktfocus

    I was fishing a few miles of oceanside this morning and got a double hook up on the drift. Boy, was I excited. I brought up two of the same ugly shovel nose as you got. They must be spawing or somthing. Fifteen minutes later I get huge fish on. Head shakes and all. I thought finally a big halibut. It was a big damn leopard shark. Treble hooks did not help!
  3. EricM

    OH dude thats a big guitarfish! Congradulations bro!
  4. Dizzole

    You know, jscrib can tune that for you.:)
  5. tuner

    :rofl: Funny Dizzole, you noticed that it was a stand up guitarfish.