La Bocana 10-20 thru 10-26

Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by erndog, Oct 31, 2006.

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  1. erndog

    Made my first trip to La Bocana with my 21'Triumph.Roads were in pretty good shape on the way in.Had perfect weather for three days then the rain came.Missed two days due to rain and wind,then it cleared up.Met some really cool people like Popito Aguilar and his family,Javier Ortiz,and Jaunchy.Super nice people who treated us like old friends.Fished Roca Ballena for two days.All the 5-20# yellows you wanted and some small groupers.Tried a few spots for blacks sea bass,no luck.Got some bigger yellows right out in front of the boca one day.Lance was fishing with Jaunchy and they got a good 37#er.Being my first time there I didn't go fish offshore,really wish i did,next time.The arroyos were really flowing on the way out of town,even after three days drying out.Really cool place,I cant wait to go back.[​IMG]

  2. erndog

    How do I stack my post rather than have it go across the whole page?
  3. SpikeCB22

    I think you'd have to upload them to your post.

    That's a nice Spotted Cabrilla. I think I caught a few babies in the laguna earlier this month.
  4. Gil Marlin

    Hey, where do you launch there? We anchored up there on our way back and I saw the launch area on the chart but it didn't look like much from the water. We were off the lighthouse on the south end.
  5. yellowklr

    Glad you had a good trip.. Where did you stay??? I'm back in December Can't wait!!!!
  6. erndog

    I launched in the entrance of the laguna where all the pangas are moored.Kind of skecthy with the current and all the mooring bouys.At low tide it isn't so bad.Stay right in the middle of the channel...dinged up my prop one day..lots of rocks..4-12' deep in the main channel..
  7. Bullshipper