L.E.D. glow sticks

Discussion in 'Fishing Chit Chat' started by Swazi, Oct 4, 2006.

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  1. Swazi

    I saw a thread with guys asking for marker lights to use with their hoop nets. These work way better than those chemical glow sticks. I hear they last a long time too.

    I picked up some of these last year but never got a chance to use them until Saturday night.

    These things are the shit for marking your Lobster buoys! I put mine in a empty 9oz. water bottle to keep em dry. Zip tie em to your buoy, they are visible from at least 500 yards or more.

    $2.50 a piece at Walmart. They come in Red,Green and Blue. The different colors really help keeping track of which hoops are which and when they were set.

  2. Dr. Fowl

    Are there batteries in these? Where were you fishing on the opener? Oh, one more question what section at Wally World did you find these?
  3. Diamond Jim

    Looks good Tim, Do you replace the batteries or do they recharge???
  4. Swazi

    They are in the sporting goods dept with the flash lights.

    Yes they are battery powered and they are not replaceable.

    Better act fast if you want some, last year I went to 4 different stores until I found them and all I could get was 8.

    I bought all they had at the Huntington Beach store.
  5. Eye Problem

    Those lights are the shit, you can see them for a long distance away from your nets. Hooped with Swazi Monday night in the wind and swell, those lights can be seen in some pretty adverse conditions.
  6. fishaholic 1

    glow sticks bought 500 for 250$ 300 green 200 assorted works great no batteries ,batteries get expensive over and over again cant remember name of company but its on line and came from the U.K. iam pretty sure it is the house of glow at 50 cents apiece cant go wrong
  7. Eye Problem

    You may save a few $ with glowsticks, but there is no comparison between the glow sticks and the led lights for the visibility.
  8. Swazi

    Let's do the math...if your fishing 10 nets at .50 a net that would be $5.00 a trip for the chemical sticks.
    So if you hoop 4 times a month for 6 months it's gonna cost you $30 a season.

    I buy 10 L.E.D's for $30. The L.E.D.'s are way brighter and I've been told they last all season. Sounds like they cost about the same.

    The upside to chemical sticks is you can just zip tie em to you rope without the bottle. The downside is they aren't near as bright.

    I know the L.E.D.'s have at least a one year self life as I bought some last year.

    What's the self life of the chemical sicks? I know the ones I had lost some of their brilliance if they were old and didn't last the whole night.

    I'll have to remember to report back at the end of the season to verify if in fact the L.E.D.'s last a season.
  9. the hook

  10. Swazi

  11. fishaholic 1

    chemical sticks have a shelf life of 3 years and if you can get a 1 gallon frosted clear plastic bottle put the stick or different colors sticks inside the whole damn bottle glows i can see them all ten glowing from at least 500yds away believe me i have tryed everything l.e.d.s i dont care what they say water and electricty dont mix even if its batteries good luck !!!! how long do your batteries last and add them up over the season.
  12. fishaholic 1

    Oh yea i forgot to say that l.e.d.s are a directional light they shine one way thats why when you look right at them there really bright look at them from the side there just a lighted plastic dome the light travels stright out of them
  13. Afry

  14. Double Z

    Check the dive shops. They have markers that have replaceable batteries. Just make sure to coat the inside with CorrosionX or you'll be replacing them. The ones from a year or two ago were prone to corrosion related failure.
  15. sdfishkiller

    I used those little L.E.D. lites last year. they lasted 3 trips and died out. $25 for 3 trips= $8 a trip. on the 3rd trip they were getting so dim I could hardly see them. Save money. 1 million power spot(rechargable,12volt acc. cord) and reflector tape. Stay close enough to your traps to lite them up for the blind dumb fucks.:cheers:
  16. Saluki

    Dear Jeff,

    Tim posted up some information that may help someone, it certainly won't hurt anyone. I'm glad your happy with your chemical glow sticks, it sounds like they work very well for you.

  17. Swazi

    It's ok Jeff if you wanna have the baddest light sticks on the block be my guest.

    Maybe we could get off into a discussion about the legality of Conical hoop nets next. :rofl:

  18. Swazi

    Yeah I've got the spotlight and tape thing too....works damn good. Pretty tight in the cabin of my boat and it was always in the way. Tried giving the spot to a guy on deck and they keep blinding me with the light. :nutkick:

    Trying out the L.E.D.'s this year...hope they work out better for me than they did for you. I know a guy that claims these paticular lights lasted him all season. We'll see. Could have something to do with keeping the salt water off em.
  19. Eye Problem

    thank you Brandon, I was thinking it, I was trying to be politically correct and not say it though. :notworthy
  20. Tyler T

    I got 2 of the water activated LED things by promar from Noah's today. I am going to try them in the next couple nights and see how well they work. If they work well enough I will get them for the rest of my buoys.

    I couldn't get the video to load on BD