L.A harbor report for 12-24

Discussion in 'Southern California Inshore & Islands Fish Reports' started by UnReel, Dec 24, 2004.

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  1. UnReel

    Got the o.k from the better half to go play in the ocean for a few hrs on UnReel. Son didn't want to get up and the wife backed out too(to much decorating)so I went for a solo run. Got to Davies around 6am and was greated by my buddy Dan and his friend Steve (Smokin Reel) on Nafarious and a few minutes later I met Glenn(Gunfish) on the ramp as well in his whaler. Didn't feel to alone after that and it was great to meet them. Dropped the boat in the water and ran to Bills bait and got a great bro deal on a pass of bait :D and ran to one of my spots while Dan ran to his with Steve. To make a lond story short, I tried all my tricks for 3 1/2 hrs and got only 4 or 5 raked baits, not even a short or hookup. Dan had a couple shorts and a 29" when I left around 10:30am and Auquasport20 I believe it was had a 30"+ butt and also said they lost a bruser at color :(. Other than that it was sloooooooooowwwwww!!! I personaly didn't even bring anything but my bait back up LOL!! Great day on the water though with a little breeze, lots of sun and good company. Oh water temp ws 57deg. BRRRR!!!! Hope to get out this Sunday but will be back out forsure next Friday. Tight lines and Merry Christmas.
  2. Saluki

    Merry Christmas to you too bro,,,, fishing on Christmas eve,,, you married a saint ;)
  3. UnReel

    I think she saw the big box under the tree with her name on it :D
  4. bertram31

    Glad you got out bro.Thanks again for the invite.Actually work was kinda slow today, but it worked out allright as Mark did have to run in and out quite bit.

    Man after all the hot sticks youve been having, a slow day, wow.I am sure a butt slump wont be in your cards for to long.

    Marry Xmas to you and your family,

  5. UnReel

    "Marry Xmas to you and your family"

    Thanks Jack. Hope you have a great one as well. We'll hook up soon. Kinda glad you didn't go today now :). You'd think my reports where all lies !!! Looking forwrd to fishing with ya soon.
  6. bertram31

    LOL youve done one hell of a job photoshoppin your pics if there all lies.LOL

  7. Tunaslam

    Good effort Beta, better luck next time.
  8. Aquasport_20

    Unreel it was an UREAL morning in the harbor today. I got a late start with my 11 year old as he was a little slow getting up and did not get in the water til' 8am. Got a 1/2 scoop from Sammy and went looking. I had radioed Unreel to see if any thing was going on at the east end of the harbor and he stated that things were pretty slow so I decided to start in the western part of the harbor. There is a reason some of my fishin buddies call me the "Blind Squirrel" as I went to an area I had never fished before but on the outgoing tide with wind going same direction decided to look around for a few minutes. Was metering a lot of bait so decided to just shut it down and get some lines in the water. I put one bait down and helped retie my boy Tracy's rig as I noticed a fray in his leader and just when I get hime done my rod gets thumped and I hang a very nice fish which comes unbuttoned after about 30 seconds. Then my boy sets up on a HUGE fish which he slowly works up nice and slow like I have taught him for years and when this fish gets to color I almost fell over. I kid you not this halibut was a least 4 feet long! I have never seen a flatty this big in my life and I fish flatties almost every week and do have a clue as to what I am talking about. This thing was a monster! Then the worst possible thing happens, as it is gliding up nice and slow 5-6ft below us it went vertical, shook her head one time and the hook just came out! The fish just sort of hung there for a minute so we could geta nice long look and then slid off into the depths. Un F'ng believable! The boy took it a lot better than I did as that was the fish of a lifetime! I had already marked the spot on my GPS so I went right back to the spot a quickly (first bait) got a 38" fish. We got a few more shorts but like everyone else we had to get home to finish up preparations for Christmas. What a morning. Unreel I will get my cell to you next time we are out so I can call you in because as you know if a spot is hot and we radio each other it will get a little crowded. I will be back out Sunday to hunt for that monster but know we will never see her again. The boy fell asleep this afternoon and when he woke up he told me he had been dreaming about that fish. I will too tonight when I go to bed. Merry Christmas to all you fine halibut masters out there and Thank You Unreel for being so kind as to talk with me out there today. Hope to meet you someday.
  9. DaGoose

    Hey B,

    Can't get um every time my friend (even though we think we can :doh: )

    At least you got a hall pass and pounded some sand on a fine Friday.

    Thanks for the report. Merry Xmas and major big flattie wishes for next year my brother.


  10. Aquasport_20

    Thanks Goose. That is exactly what I was telling the boy. Nobody gets em' all. Merry Christmas to you my friend..........
  11. ?? fisherman


    I feel for you, I really do!

    I know the feeling all to well, and those big flatties tend to fool you as they can be all mellow and then without warning they can lay vertical or go ballistic or something else that catches you by surprise when you let your gaurd down for just a moment. Now you just have to keep trying for her.

    The unknown fisherman :p
  12. UnReel

    Aqua, Man those heartbreaks suck but thats what keeps us going back for more. Still sorry to hear about it though. Congrats on the 38" butt too, thats a nice fish!!!! Sometimes that blind running pays off. We've found a couple of our best spots slow trolling new areas when the usaul spots are dead. The cell is a good idea too. Wanted to run west but didn't want to bring a croud with me and give away your spot.

    Rick, yep cant get'em every time and days like yesterday make you appreciate the good days that much more.
  13. TheShark

    Next time kiddo!
  14. Father Ken

    yo aquasport 20', I bought an aquasport 205 with 225 yamaha last summer. I love it so far. How has your aquasport treated you?
  15. Aquasport_20

    I have the Osprey 200 C.C. with a Yamaha 150 I won in a tournament and I love my rig! I have fished the crap out of this rig and it has seen some ugly weather too and no complaints. Is the 205 a C.C. or a walkaround? I launch from San Pedro almost exclusively and only ever seen one other Aquasport and that was about 2 years ago at Sammy's bait receiver in the west end of the harbor. Where do fish/launch from?
  16. Father Ken

    aquasport 20'. check your Private Message.