Kona lava and 30 minutes of freedom

Discussion in 'Hawaii Fishing Reports' started by SuckerPunch, Apr 11, 2006.

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  1. SuckerPunch

    I only had 1/2 an hour before we're off to do more stuff but I managed to pull this little guy out of the rocks. Be ready to lose a lot of terminal tackle when using 6# with an 8# leader. I'm moving up to 10...

    Toothy little bastard

    :_shopping Having a ball in Kona
  2. MidwayJ

    ...And the rockfish, Po`opa`a. Can you spot him? There he is!
  3. Waiohinu Lawaia

    Definetly HYN Sculpin, watch out too, just like Cali, those fuckers are no fun when they stick you...

    6, 8lb test, your not in Cali bra, go get some 12 and you wont lose so much shit...
  4. bradmaralbacore

    did you weeze it?
  5. SuckerPunch

    Full on bro, I'm thinking some braid. :cheers:

    I'm also being realy careful with all the fish, teeth and spines are no good.
  6. Hirize

    Left you a phone message, call me still have gear in the garage.

    Aloha, Pete
  7. Jason Admin

    Is that spew on it's back?
  8. SuckerPunch

    FUCK! I thought most went on the rocks. You have a good eye for goo...

    It was my fist, I mean first hawaii fish. :jerkoff:

  9. skippajack

    niice one, try the shallow surf the moi are biting!!!
  10. Phantomjig

    Gonna be On the Islands for the next 3 years starting Oct...finishing up for retirement and then heading back to San Diego...
    Wa'd ya use to catch that thing...do you use much plastics or throws Jigz ? I understand there are a few places to throws plastics/Iron around the Islands, if you would so kindly give me some pointers, would be greatly appreciated....(Oahu)

  11. daniel-neill

    Kona is one happening place. I am trying to be a good boy and pay off some debt this year, but my wife keeps on begging. Hummmm!