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Discussion in 'Hawaii Fishing Reports' started by out of reach, Oct 22, 2008.

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  1. out of reach

    If you go out on a boat here, talk to the CAPTAIN first. Some salesman or someone on a different island selling a trip leaves to much room for error. So many things you might think are obvious are not. Things you tell the salesman or deckhand on another island, might not make it to the captain.

    Thats the short story.....

  2. furniture 4 me

    what boat did you go out on
  3. Gil Marlin

    Come on... give it up... I know you want to tell us more...
  4. jagerhunchback

    i'm guessing you did'nt use the "how to book a hawaii charter" sticky??? don't feel bad bro, i've been on those charters on the islands
  5. out of reach

    Maybee after tha Luau :D

    I thought I did better then that................
  6. out of reach

    My trips not over might do some more fishing. The more I thought about it the less pissed I was.

    I think I went fishing with a top of the line operation. Captain and crew were great. The spots you fish, bait or no bait, 4 hours or all day, Tiagra 130's or stand up gear, catching anything that swims for the nephews or going for the big one are all huge ?'s. Communication is huge and make sure everyone is on the same page so a plan can be formed that makes everyone happy, don't assume.

    On a side note...

    I'm trying to do every tourist activity possible.

    The subs are kinda cool.

    I might have a fish report later if the helicopter doesn't crash tomorrow.

    Did catch fish today in the back yard on Alii Drive.

    Will be hard to leave...
  7. addecus

    Hi Joe ,I read your post about wanting to go out and it was cool that you offered to pay for gas and other costs. I thought about it and didn't respond because it just aint happening on my side of the island and I heard that the odds are not good in Kona either. So my guess is that you booked a charter and got to wet a line with probably one of Kona's top crews and you were pissed cause you got no action... I know how you feel cause I get pissed when I don't catch anything too. If you got the bucks and I'm guessing you do you should try going out again.... see if they'll hang at one of the buoys that may produce some small stuff like mahi's or small tunas that you or your nephews can have fun with but i'll warn you again... just not happening out there. Oh and if you decide to try more shoreline fishing in the next few days just a headsup that a good sized swell is going to happen and it may or may not affect your plans. Glad you're enjoying yourself.
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  8. Addicted2fishin

    Nice swells around Keahole side. As for being pissed about no fish... oh well there ain't shit out there which is why we didn't go for the last 2 weeks. One or two ono coming up with 60 boats out there is really bad odds. Charters are hit or miss right now. As for the fads... there all dead.... well maybe the Milolii ones are holding some 2 to 3lb rats. But friends are complaining so I wouldn't go out right about now. Shoreline fishing is the best bet right now.
  9. out of reach

    Pissed because I got no action, not even close. I've come home with a goose egg on my boat, friends boats, charted boats. If you get pissed when you don't catch fish you should probably find a new hobby.

    Right or wrong I felt like we got a boat ride, even the crew agreed to an extent. In the morning at the boat I asked where are we going, what are we doing. I was told were dragging these until something bites them. I figured it is what it is. I just would of liked to have known the options before the trip was over. I think we got a boat ride with a very skilled crew. The crew would of been suprise if we cought anything, they told me that . If there wasn't a chance in hell of catching anything maybee they should of hinted at that and not been so gung ho on getting us on a boat. We could of bottom fished, hell they could of taken us snorkeling, we didn't want our money back. I understand no one makes any money if the boat doesn't go out and its fishing you just never know, where do you draw the line?? Here's some tourists, go drive them around for awhile - - maybee they will stumble on to something.

    The owner of the company I went with called me and seemed to be a stand up guy. He offered me and the family a free day of fishing but the nephews were over it, so we passed. He tried to give us a free trip probably a $1,000 trip which I was impressed with. Owner wanted his customers happy for sure, I paid less than that for our original trip. He tried but no more fishing this trip.

    Spent the day today on the helicopter. Here is the lava flow as of today.

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  10. Addicted2fishin

    Nice picture of the Four Seasons in the last one. Too bad Mr. Dell and his rich ass had to overdevelop the most beautiful and untouched portion of the Kona/ Kohala coast. The goal there was to keep the resort in touch with the natural surroundings. Hope his stock lost a lot of money. Greed will eventually be his demise.
  11. grapeavetape

    Some advice... Save your 700.00 bucks and come back in the middle of July. Somewhere around the full moon phase. Thats the best time to bring youngsters. They have a way better chance at hooking a bigger and wider variety of fish.
  12. out of reach

    I hear ya. I know the timing wasn't right. We just went fishing this wasn't a fishing trip.

  13. captjim

    Check out Jim Rizzuto's (did I spell it right this time, Jim?) column today. See the bucket story.


  14. out of reach

    The section there called "making smiles" is interesting as-well.

    I'll say it again the owner tried to make things right. Had a very long talk with him and he would do ANYTHING to make his customers happy - seemed like a very good guy. The trip he had planned for us would of cost him money. I will say, talk to your captain and make sure you are on the same page.


    It was amazing from the air just how little the coast has been developed, but I guess thats all relative. We were constantly told about the "local spots, hidden beaches" as we flew around, don't think they will be local spots for long. Didn't know that there was a cattle ranch on the island larger than Oahu.

    I found this interesting as-well-

    That lumpy form rising out of the sea on the southeast horizon is Niihau, a privately held island as inaccessible to the public as any place in the United States.

    About 600 Polynesians with a fraction of Japanese ancestry live on the 18-mile-long island in 19th-century Hawaiian style, speaking the Hawaiian language in everyday life. They have no electricity, running water, liquor or firearms. There is no jail, nor are there police officers, and the Congregational minister, who is one of them, is the arbiter of disputes.
  15. FishingHawaii

    If you are planning a trip to Kona, I strongly recommend that you get a copy of The Kona Fishing Chronicles. You'll get a good overall view of all of the kinds of fishing options, read stories about many of Kona's most successful fishermen, and get contact information for dozens of fishing providers. One $16 investment could save a lot of money and help steer you toward a happy experience. If you like the stories and fishing tips you find at index.html, you'll enjoy the books. Jim Rizzuto
  16. kapnd

    Hey, post it on "cryingtowel.com"!!
    We all know about the bad days, been there, done that.
    The owner can do nothing to "make it right" other than piss off his crew by having them work a day for free.
    I would offer you another day of fishing at the regular price.
    Suck up, pal, do your homework (read the fishing reports), and book another trip!
  17. out of reach

    F-You. Read the whole post. You wern't there. I know how the fishing thing works. Oh and F- you.

    Edit: My info on the other options came directly from the boat " if we would of known"

    Prior to the trip I asked " is this enought time" answer was yes. On the boat I was told " only if we has more time" but then is was too late. I heard about how they made bait prior to the trips, on this trip we beat the crew to the boat. It goes on...

    By the way it wasn't a money thing, a mis-understanding that I made clear by now.

    BTW I still left them a tip.

    I posted to help someone in the future, not to bash anyone.
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  18. captjim

    FYI.... I don't know of any boat in the harbor that makes bait and then returns to the harbor to pick up a charter. The technique here for bait making is to troll with artificials and to keep a bait rod (or 2) handy if a school or a bird pile is spotted. Some will go right to the FADs with the hope bait will be holding there. The problem with that is that the bill collectors are usually there as well. We just don't have the structure of a coastal shelf that attracts bait consistanly. We have to hunt for it.

    You might want to also consider that tourism is down nearly 40% on this island. Its easy to understand why a captain might not discourage a potential charter. If he told you fishing was hot...shame on him. If he said fishing in Kona is always a hit or miss situation, he'd be telling it straight.

    Just out of curiosity, did you see and signs of other life such as porpoise schools or pilot whales? Hey, it's a day on the water and you don't really go fishing just to catch fish.

  19. kapnd

    Cant imagine why you would offer me sex after what I told you!
    You are clearly a poor sport, and if you cant handle getting skunked occasionally, would probably be in better company on the golf course...
    Leave your bad day behind!
  20. out of reach

    I never once complained about not catching fish. You missed the whole point. I've tried not to be a smart ass and and just tell it like it is.

    The bait thing is how the same company talked about their operation, but that was how they did it on another island. And I assumed.... I made it clear that the main problem was probably communication....

    To everyone that had something constructive to say, thank you, I will know better next time. I got out on the water anyway... If you knew me you would know that I would have fun in 15' seas with 30 knots of wind and a skunk, I have a good time when fishing. Wished things might of been done a little different to get the nephews on something.

    To Kapnd,

    I'll be on Oahu shortly, i'll bring flowers.. You need to work on your reading comprehension. I've heard you're a nice guy but was told never fall asleep on my stomach around you - I guess it was a inside joke.