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Discussion in 'Hawaii Fishing Reports' started by MidwayJ, Feb 11, 2007.

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  1. MidwayJ

    Went out on the rental boat this past saturday for a quick trip with an old friend and his family.

    Boat was pretty nice, a 115 yamaha 4 stroke on a 21' cc, w/ a sounder that goes to 600' and an old school handheld gps. We were able to run four lines without any tangles. I would have liked to have outriggers and a chartplotter, but other than that I was very happy with the boat.

    I flew in at 830 and we didn't get underway till 930, so I opted to fish the grounds instead of making the run to C or UU. Got up there and worked in and out of some large aku schools, mostly little rats that wouldn't bite, but they were everywhere.

    Started heading south around noon and took a triple strike right off NELHA. Boated two nice shibi around 15-20lbs. Biggest shibi I've caught in a while (especially in the blind), I was almost as stoked as the newbs who had never experienced a blind strike before, especially not a triple strike.

    That was about it, but we didn't fare too poorly, as I heard a lot of 0-0-0's being called in on tourney channel 68 all day. Many mahalos to all the Kona guys- Bombs, Capt. Jeff, and especially Hirize and Capt. Jim for the invite to fish on their vessels.

    Kona is awesome, you can yell at somebody on shore from the ono ledge in some spots, and the water is flat and very feeeshy looking. I will be back shortly for a more extended trip.

    Midway out.
  2. Hirize

    When you do call us!

    We were on your island at the pro bowl.....pretty cool!

    Aloha, Pete
  3. jagerhunchback

    man that big island action sounds to good to be true!!! gonna have to get over there when i get a chance
  4. MidwayJ

    I'm tellin ya, it's a whole different world from Oahu out there. Last time I got mugged by a bunch of shibi that took 9 inch lures- I was on Midway. I guess I should mention here that the Super Ninja struck again, it was the 1st lure bit, and the line was still screaming and headed straight down when da bugga jumped off.

    Went snorkeling at Honaunau and found all kine ulua caves and checked out a nice fat Omilu who was all lit up and curious. I'm guessing it had something to do with the ahi scales and bits of flesh all over my boardshorts.
  5. lilharcher

    Great report....what is an Omilu......I'm guessing it is an eel by your description of how it lit up based on the scrapes on your shorts.
  6. MidwayJ

    Nope- Omilu Ulua is a bluefin trevally, I think they have them in Costa Rica. They are more active during the day than their cousins, the Giant Trevally, or Ulua Aukea (see avatar). They are terrific fighters and decent table fare, although I advocate C&R as they rescusitate well and are down in the numbers (especially the larger fish).

    The colors on these guys are amazing- flourescent doesn't begin to scratch the surface.
  7. Griz

    last time I was over there we were watching big Omilu and med/large Ulua casually munch every crumb of fish that just "happened" to fall off the back of the boat in Honokohau. Most has line in thier mouths from unsuccessful angling attempts. Pretty cool just to watch them eat whole aku heads in one gulp.
  8. MidwayJ

    Uh huh- we used to clean our shibi at the old charter piers on Midway, and the big ulua there would gulp down a the head from a 30lb shibi in one bite. "Big Momma" even tried to eat the head from an estimated 90lb ono one time, but she couldn't quite fit it down, if I remember correctly. I believe GJKailua and my brother once dropped a slipper in the water during a feeding session and that too, was devoured instantly.

    Ulua are simply awesome. It is a shame that there aren't many left down here in the MHI, or that C&R fishing isn't allowed on Midway anymore. I'd gladly drop a couple grand to fish there (without having to pull weeds/chainsaw ironwoods for 8hrs/day).
  9. captjim

    Captains can lose their slip in Honokohau now if they clean the fish and dispose of the carcass. We had a 12' tiger coming into the harbor (lovingly named Laverne) to feed off the carcasses. So they now clean the fish and dispose of the remains at the green buoy just outside of the harbor. About 50 yards from where all the snorkel boats park. Just a matter of time before we read about the attack in the paper.