King Harbor Bonito?

Discussion in 'Southern California Inshore & Islands Fish Reports' started by Radical Ross, Nov 6, 2009.

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  1. Radical Ross

    Any Bones in the Harbor lately?

    Yep nice ones !!

  3. Radical Ross

    I just spoke with the guy at rocky point skiff rentals. No bait operation in king harbor looking for new owner.
    Sic Fish when was the last time you fished the harbor?
  4. kelpbass_kid



    I mean none...

    ahhhhhh I can't say
  5. chiefen

    theres a bunch of tiney mackerel size ones but i no one spot in there with some 5-10 pounders but cant say were it is...even if you found em getting em to bite is a whole different story
  6. kelpbass_kid


    release the big ones if you catch them. I've been seeing them for 4 months.
  7. dalurker

    what happened to Marty and the "New Sunbeam"?? last i saw, the boat was lookin' pretty tired.
  8. emrliquidlife

    Hmm, was hoopping last nite, and noticed the boat was missing.

    Wonder how long it will take. I'm going to try for some bones. If I get some intell, I'll kick it out to you.

  9. kevin justice

    Marty died some time aqo and his brother took over
  10. Saba Slayer

    Radical Ross...I hate to see a business that's already having a tough time of it, get slammed by BAD rumors!!!
    I just talked to Gordy. He is the brother of Marty, who took over the bait receiver and the bait boat "New Sunbeam" quite a few years ago when his brother died. He is fishing for bait tonight and hopefully will have a load in the receivers tomorrow. He said he had some net issues earlier this week and did not catch bait. He will try to be open this weekend if he can load up this evening.
    Since Redondo/King Harbor does not have a launch ramp the boat traffic
    (ie. $) in the winter is pretty bleak for a bait operation there.
    There were a few small Bones in the harbor last weekend and Rocky Point and the kelp line along PV was holding lots of Bones before that wind dropped the water temp.
    Good Luck
    Jim/ Saba Slayer
  11. marlyn

    they still have the sling hoist there right?
  12. alwaysbendo

    King Harbor is horrible for fishing no bait not lanch ramp
  13. Saba Slayer

    Redondo Sucks!!! Probably best to stay away until it rebounds in a few years?! Try MDR or San Pedro/L.B.
    No Fish... No Bugs... Although Gordy does have some nice 5" or 6" Sardines in the receiver this weekend.
    Marlyn...the hoist was there this morning.
    Jim / Saba Slayer

    I see big bones breezing in the Portifino Marina every day. It is not WFO just sight fish em and throw a crock or splaser and feather. Bigger models 3 to 5 lb

  15. fujimo5

    Both my nephews and I fished the out side of the breakwater. We caught about 30 small bones. It was wide open with every cast. We caught them on fish trap (anchovey) and yellow lead head. Could not believe nobody fishing around us?
  16. medunn16

  17. Radical Ross

    Saba Slayer I was just passing along the info the guy at Rocky Point skiff rentals gave me. You would think he would want the live bait operation going strong as it helps his business.