King Harbor 5-3-09 pic

Discussion in 'The Bass Fishing Club' started by FknChristopH, May 3, 2009.

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  1. FknChristopH

    Fished king harbor today with Evan, Jared, and Jeff.

    Started out slow working the area, I lost a monster sandie to the rocks :1041677399:

    Moved around fished various holes, ended up fishing around the paddle boats and got on one.

    First drop on the paddle boat, I hook up into a decent size spottie and he comes off the hook in my lap and sent him on his way so no picture.

    Evan hooks up into a pretty decent sandie not too long after.
    Wind picked up later and then i headed home. the boys were still out there when i left.

    Hope you guys end up catching more. I'll be fishing that place more often.
  2. kelpbass_kid

    I had alot of fun fishing with you Chris. We fished the low tide, so the bite wasn't as hot as yesterday, but we still scratched a couple fish. Chris, PM me and we'll fish again soon.
  3. only plastic

    same we fish the harbor almost every weekend so just pm one of us. like evan said low tide= not alot of fish. im sure if we stuck around and tryed to fish it we would of gotten a few more but. better left for another day. o and evan i got a baja special for $15 only used once looks brand new and its in the box and everything. what a deal.
  4. britheguy

    Nice guys,

    Sorry I couldn't make it out this weekend, I was looking forward to meeting you Chris.

    Maybe next weekend we can go out on the City if the `Cuda start showing up.
  5. kelpbass_kid

    ahh, what did you say jared. A baja special for $15!!!!
  6. only plastic

    dude there showing the boat got like 15 all day but thats not quite enough. maby next weekend.
  7. only plastic

    yep i got connections!
  8. britheguy

    Nice Jared,

    Also, are you keeping my reel hostage?!

    Hahah it's all good.
  9. only plastic

  10. kelpbass_kid

    I actually have your reel brian
  11. FknChristopH

    nice a baja special? the newer penn one? or a old penn senator conversion?

    Brian, I'm sure we'll meet sometime soon. maybe we can fish the harbor sometime during the week.
  12. only plastic

    the newer one thats black and and has the power handel.
  13. FknChristopH

    niice come up..

    i'll give you 30 for it :]

    double your money
  14. kelpbass_kid

    $60 jared, thats $60 dude. come on!!!!
  15. britheguy

    600!!!!! 6 - 0 - 0. I'm talking big money kiddo's.