Kids and fishing

Discussion in 'Southern California Inshore & Islands Fish Reports' started by Boatgofast1, Apr 29, 2008.

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  1. Boatgofast1

    After seeing the other kids out fishing I decided to go with my soon to be 4 year old nephew to the pier. We stood there for 3 hours and he never put the pole down. Congratulations Brian on your first fishing adventure with me a 1 nice Sole caught!

    DSC01020.JPG DSC01019.JPG DSC00992.JPG
  2. psford

    Way to go Uncle.
    Nice catch little guy.
    Keep it up and you'll have a fish'n buddy for life.
  3. Tunahead

    WAY TO GO DAVE...I've got 1 word for the report and pics PRICELESS...GO AGAIN!
  4. Johnnyfish

    Very cool.
  5. crazy hawaiian

    Great day with your nephew. My uncle started me fishing when I was about his age.

    Just a caution: that looks like a halibut. They must be 22" to be kept legally. I have never caught a sole fishing off a pier. They are normally caught in much deeper water than you find at most piers.

    Regardless, very cool of you to take your nephew out. He looks looks happy.
  6. johnnylite

    Awesome post and great pics. Where the heck are you guys fishing?
    It looks like the San Juans or something.
  7. Boatgofast1

    No its not a Butt, I did say Sole. It is a flounder

    i got a flannel hat for sale... you interested?
  9. Az.monkey

    :rofl: Smart ass !

    Good job getting the wee one on a fish Dave, memories for life right there
  10. johnnylite

    But really where the heck are they? Pine trees and houses.
    Cool place. Cool pics.
  11. The Sea Hag

    Cute... I love the picture of him with the rod on the rail there...! Cute cute cute!!

    Yup, was looking for someone to comment on the outfit. : )
  12. Albacrazy

    Right on Dave! Shaping the future generation right there. Won't be long till he's out on a 1/2 day with ya...
  13. Bloody Jurkbait

    Great job Uncle.
  14. MikeeDaGuy

    Great Goin Dave, yea where the heck are ya fishin? I love yer Jammies, how come ya never wore those on the boat before??? Great pics Brother!!!
    I opt ya buy the hat! Hell I will even pay for it!!
  15. T BICKLE

    sorry, couldn't help myself :)
  16. boatgofast

    I was in Seattle 2 weeks age fishing the sound with Moe and I Finlay had a chance to post.
    I am very interested in the hat!!! I hope your not faking? I think iv found the out fit ill where for the rest of 2008
  17. ECMFab

    Dude that kid is more snazzy than you are man! LOL What a guy you are for taking him out! Looks like he didnt let the pole go for the whole time too!
  18. opas

  19. opas

    Check it out !