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Discussion in 'Fishing Chit Chat' started by TheShark, Mar 21, 2003.

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  1. TheShark

    Sia and her first sturgen - Short, but it still counts Of course with "Fishing Grandpa George"

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  2. TheShark

    "You have to kiss them and throw them back- so you will catch a bigger one next time"

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  3. Mstonefish

    Jared's first sandie, at the bullring

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  4. Mots

    I like the photo Mark, I wish I had one like that with me and my kid. Priceless. but what up with the hair do.LOL
  5. Mstonefish

  6. Mstonefish

    Jared and Cabo-bobo at his pondfish1

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  7. Mstonefish

    fish2 here kitty kitty

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  8. TheShark

    Great pic's Mark-

    Jared is so cute-

    I know Sia wants to fish again too - Kid's are good.:D :D :D
  9. Mstonefish

    Future blackmail pic when Jared grows up;) :D

    Ready to go with my Xtra-tuffs on

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  10. YO HO ONO

    Garrett AGE 3
  11. YO HO ONO

    My Little Pitrate