Kesselrings getting out of gun Biz?

Discussion in 'Washington State' started by Wild Bill, Jul 5, 2013.

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  1. Wild Bill

    I have it on fairly reliable information that Kesselrings gun shop is going to stop selling guns and maybe not exactly by their own choice. That is really bad news in my book. :shithappens:
  2. jgsons2

    WHY WHY WHY????????????? We have been buying from them for years.
  3. SoCal Redneck

    Bought my first O/U from them. Bummer if true.
  4. Hunter Dan

    I have talked to a couple of guns store owners and have read in gun industry magazines that quite a few gun stores are closing because they sold out of product and are on back order for so much stuff that the store is empty and they have nothing to spend their bank account on except themselves! No going out of business sales even.....not enough product to hold it. May not be the case with Kesselrings, but would be my first guess.
  5. 264winmag

    That would suck. Best gun store in the state. IMHO
  6. Tower Todd

    Hopefully it is not true.

  7. Thrasher_1

    Hey Bill, I heard the same info as well and heard the reason as to why. On hearing about it, I called Kesselring and asked for a price on a handgun. They said it would need to be ordered but could gladly order it. I was blunt and asked the employee if there was any truth to rumors that they were discontinuing sales. She said she had no idea what I was talking about.

    She didnt sound convincing
  8. whido isle

    probly go to skagit arm & get a strait answer there I know of at least one former kesselrings employee there
  9. kylekerr

    I was up there the other day, they are having a "Liquidation" sale. You know what that usually means. They saif they said as of now their plan is to shut her down. It was 10 percent off everything.
  10. The Peddler

    From their Facebook page: ****Firearms Liquidation Sale****
    July 1st through July 31st, all new and used firearms are 10% off.
  11. blackelk

    from the face book page. wonder whats going on.

    Kesselring Gun Shop Inc Alan Crim the reason we will not be selling firearms or ammunition anymore is because on October 1st 2013 we will be surrendering our FFL to the ATF. Hope that helps shed some light on your earlier question.
    July 2 at 1:40pm ยท


    Kesselring Gun Shop Inc It's a forced surrender. I have no updates as of right now for a new shop
  12. Hunter Dan

    Surrendering their FFL? Hmmmm. Not letting it lapse or expire, or having it revoked, but surrendering it. Interesting choice of words.
  13. 264winmag

    I hear its paper work issues with the ATF on used and old guns out back in storage.

    Me thinks the ATF had gun tracking problems them self??!'!!!!!!

    Rum Chum
  14. Grady226

    That sucks. My dad and I have bought stuff and had them do gun work for a long time!
  15. Thrasher_1

    When undercover agents get a store employee to start the sale of a handgun without proper credentials, there are bound to be problems.

    News at 11
  16. North River

    Too fucking bad. When the salesman are too busy drinking coffee to sell me a $1200 rifle they can kiss my ass
  17. Kool-Aid

    Rick with you on that one. Tried to buy my first over under from them....they didn't seem to want to give me the time of day.
  18. Thrasher_1

    It's like the beginning to a joke:

    A dude walks into buy a gun... Has a CWP but claims he has no permanent address and is living in a motel. Clerk decides its good enough to sell him a gun...

    Wow...punch line is that it is an under cover...

  19. Kool-Aid

    Well least someone got helped.....

    i guess either way sucks for the owners if it goes down that way. One employee making a bad call would suck. Having said that I'm sure the powers that be have a little more than just one transaction to go on.
  20. GrizzleOffshore

    I suspect the new Tulalip Cabela's is also taking a lot of their business from all points south.